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We Want to Send You on Your Last FIRST DATE…

It all began when April Davis, Founder of Luxe Matchmaking, realized she needed to take her skill of intuition and understanding people to the next level.  Having obtained her Masters in Business at the age of 20, she was always a hard worker.  A small town Midwestern girl with big city dreams, working as a Fashion Model and also up the corporate ladder within a Fortune 500 company in the field of Process Improvement.

But if there was one thing she knew more than anything – it was how to help people find love. And not just the butterflies and hearts type of love – the real, long-lasting, take home to your Mother, marriage material type of love.  After all, she’s married to a Divorce Attorney, which gives her a unique insight to know what’s going to last. April  was a Fashion Model and Matchmaker for years within her own circle of friends and acquaintances; she just didn’t know that she was at the time.  Whenever she met someone who was single, she would naturally start thinking of who she might know that would be a good fit for that person. 

April often wondered why so many of her girlfriends were single – they were all high-caliber women who were beautiful on the inside and out and many of them were also models.  They were just unable able to meet a man they truly connected with, but that didn’t mean there were no good men out there! The challenges involved in singles meeting quality matches became increasingly apparent, and it was then that April realized she needed to take her matchmaking from a hobby to a full time career.

Our Matchmaking Process for Proactive Clients

Step #1 - In depth Interview
You meet in person with your Matchmaker and go through an in depth interview and analysis. You will discuss who you are, who are your past relationships, and who your ideal match is in the future.

Step #2 - Feedback & Date Coaching
Receive feedback and date coaching from your Matchmaker. All our Matchmakers are also Certified Life Coaches so we’re able to use this knowledge to assist our clients. We don’t just want to find you your match, we want to ensure that you are properly prepared and putting your best foot forward in order to be in a successful relationship and maybe even meet someone on your own as well.

Step #3 - Search & Vetting Potential Matches
We begin our search. We utilize an open database, which allows anyone to join free of charge. This allows us to have more options be more selective on the people we match with our clients. Our Matchmakers meet with everyone in person to vet out potential matches on your behalf. On average we interview 40 potential matches per client. Matchmakers use their intuition to determine who would be a great match based on values, goals, personality, and several other “not on paper” criteria.

Step #4 - Meet your Match
Next we introduce you to your match.  Introductions are on a first name only basis and is highly confidential for both people.   You meet and have coffee, lunch, or ideally some sort of activity based date depending on what activities you both enjoy and are open to doing.  Many clients enjoy just going for a walk and getting ice cream or even going to a comedy show.

It’s up to you two to decide if you’d like to see each other again and exchange contact information.

Step #5 - Feedback after the Date
Both people will call the Matchmaker after and let her know how it went and what you liked or didn’t like, etc.  As a client, you will also get feedback from the Matchmaker.  Your Matchmaker may act as a go between and help the couple to get the relationship to the next level.


Ready to start the process?


Meet our Matchmakers and Team


April Davis

LUXE Matchmaking Founder, April Davis, is involved in all aspects of the Matchmaking process.  Her Process Improvement background, MBA, work ethic, and life-long passion of helping people find love all come together to build the boutique firm.


Ferial Nijem

Ferial has been Matchmaking for over 10 years! She joined the LUXE Matchmaking team with the passion for helping people to find love and happiness in a boutique results-oriented firm.  If you’re looking for your perfect match, she'll introduce you!


Christy Tromp

 Christy is our Florida Matchmaker.  Originally from Michigan, after attaining her B.A. she then went on to receive a Certification in Matchmaking from the Matchmaking Institute in New York City in 2007.  She was just 19 yrs old when she became a Matchmaker!

Amber Matchmaker.jpg

Amber Artis

Amber has been in the Matchmaking industry for over 15 years. Working with others to achieve love has been an incredibly positive and rewarding experience for her.

Dallas Matchmaker

Taylor Hillin

Taylor has been helping clients find love for years. She is our resident Recruiter and Matchmaker and is excellent at her craft. Taylor helps us to search vet, select, and match clients.


April Fletcher

April has been a Matchmaker and helping clients find love for years. April provides date coaching and finds the perfect match for our most selective clients.

Jessie Breheim

Jessie has an extensive background in Marketing and Digital design.  Her main goal is to get Luxe & LUMA Matchmaking’s message out to the masses to help find matches for our clients.  She is excited to help others find love.


Know Someone Else Who’s Single?

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