Writing about yourself can be challenging enough, never mind crafting the right words, and taking the best pictures to attract your soul mate.

Your dating profile is going to be your first impression. That may seem like a lot of pressure but with the help of your matchmaker, and these tips, you can get a great start on offering potential matches a window into who you are. These tips will help you to represent yourself in the best light possible, while still being your authentic and honest self.

Tips for Your Dating Profile

1. Take a Professional Profile Picture

The very first thing anyone will look at is your profile picture. This can be intimidating since not many people like being judged on their looks before getting the chance to show off their personality. However, most people want to see a picture out of curiosity and to put a face to the rest they are about to learn about you.

Since the profile picture is so important a professional headshot is recommended. Fortunately, our luxury matchmaker service can assist with helping you to obtain a professional headshot or we can help with coaching so that you will feel relaxed and at ease when you get your picture taken.

An important point to consider is that a professional quality picture will let potential matches know that you care enough to put in the effort. That will go a long way and will put you ahead of most other profiles!

2. Don’t Mention Making Money - or Making Babies

One of the rules of creating your dating profile is to not mention how much money you make, how much money you hope a potential match makes, or that you are looking for someone to have a baby with.

Most people want to find a match that loves them through thick and thin and talking about money right in your dating profile will say to potential matches that you need more than love to be in a relationship, or you think a partner will only love you for your money. Speaking about finances can come later on when you already know you want to move forward with your partner. This topic is better left unsaid, at least right in the very beginning.

As for saying you want to have a baby, most people that are looking for a match are looking to have children in the future, but saying it too soon may make them feel like they are being used for your own reproductive purposes. If you already have children you can feel free to include that in your dating profile.

3. Don’t Lie

Don’t ever lie in your dating profile about anything including: age, weight, height, your job or the level of commitment that you are looking for. Lies in your dating profile will soon be found out, and it is much better to have someone fall in love with the real you, rather than feeling lied to and deceived.

Your dating profile shouldn’t make you feel anxious or nervous. Think of it as an introduction to who you are and what you are looking for. We can help you with your dating profile and provide feedback so you can be sure that you are making the best impression and attracting the soul mate you have been looking for.

What other tips do you have for online dating? Leave them in the comments below. For more dating advice, check out the World Dating Guide.

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