Summer has signaled its arrival, bringing in the pleasantly warm weather in Fargo. Regardless of how hot and sticky you might get at the end of the day, going out and being active is totally worth it, especially with your partner. Use this season to spend time with your significant other, and liberate your inner child and let loose. • Skyzone o Having fun isn’t just for kids - bounce on trampolines with your lover for an energetic and and stress-reducing experience! It’s a time full of glee and happiness that you won’t even notice that you’re technically working out with your partner at the same time, making this a healthy activity. • Downtown Fargo o Spend a day at Downtown Fargo, where there is an endless amount of activities to do! There are numerous street shops filled with independent boutiques that you can visit with your significant other, and restaurants with different cuisines that can appeal to every taste bud out there. Check out the calendar to consider the diverse list of events, from exhibitions to street fairs. • Zoo o If the two of you are animal lovers, head to the Red River Zoo! There you can learn plenty of facts about the animals that house there, and hopefully inspire you to help with conservation efforts for species that desperately need it. Events are often held at the zoo, one of which is called the Zoo Brew 2016, where live entertainment will be shown and attendees can try samples from a variety of breweries. • Island Park o For a peaceful afternoon, Island Park is has a quaint and romantic atmosphere that perfectly attunes to you and your partner’s needs. There is even a gazebo that has a history for holding weddings, and that luck may pass on to you! With lovely scenery at every step within the park, absorb nature’s grace and the entire date will be filled with delight. • Massages/Spas o Get a relaxing rub from trained professionals with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you can de-stress together. After a tense week of constant workload, it feel nice to finally loosen up, especially with the person you love. It’s a classy, quality date that doesn’t require much energy, and can leave you both feeling better than before