St. Louis is beautiful city full of beautiful women--but where are all the men!? There may be a slightly higher percentage of women, but don’t fret - head to these local destinations to have an easier time seeking single men!

Bars There are a diverse amount of bars in St. Louis, all ranging in degree regarding its sophistication and such. For instance, there are pubs with food and beer for an inexpensive fee such as Fox & Hounds Tavern, and bars that are more on the high-end point of the scale like the Olive & Oak, those of which lean on the more pricey side. There are also sports bars, to which you can go to if you’re a sports fans and like to watch games with a group of other people. That is most specific to your interests, as you can find a man who loves sports just as much as you do.

Parks St. Louis has many aesthetically pleasing parks that are unique to others in their own way. Forest Park is one that has many concerts and events that take place, while Tilles County Park is decorated and adorned during the different seasons, and you can even take a horse drawn carriage! Meet a man here from taking a simple stroll around the perimeters, or bumping into each other while exercising, sitting together on a park bench, etc. A park is similar to a bustling city in that there are different activities going on at once, and a numerous amount of people in one place.

Festivals The best part about festivals is that there are so many people - which means more options for you! You can mingle about, casually talking to different men until you find one who you find compatible for you. When you attend concerts and festivals specific to your interests, you eliminate other guys who may not be compatible with you, and focus on the men who do. Check out the events list of fairs and festivals.

Observatories Visit the tourist-y spots of St. Louis! The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is a gorgeous monument with a rich, fascinating history. The Gateway Arch is within the memorial, and is known to be the highest arch built in the entire world, and it’s an honor to live in a city with such a huge monument. While exploring this historical tribute, meet a man who is intrigued by the depth of meaning behind the two colossal structures, and strike an intellectually stimulating conversation.

Sporting Events If you’re an avid sports lover, attend sports games at your nearest arena. There, you can meet men who are just as into your favorite team as you are! This can really cause a spark to scintillate between the both of you, as the two of you found a mutual liking that ignited your newfound chemistry. You can also go to college sporting events, as the admission fee is significantly lower than professionals' games, yet you can have equally as good of a time.

Visit these few places to increase your chances of meeting single men. And if you’re a little bit on the shy side, learn these few tips to lure a man and invite him to approach you! Good luck.