In the heart of Illinois, Chicago is a huge city with an enormous population, and is one of the most well known cities in the United States, as it is quite an industrious environment. Due to the high number of individuals living in this city, tons of them are single and waiting to find their partners, just like you are. Follow these tips to improve your lifestyle and find the perfect one for you.

Places crowded with people. Your chances of meeting new people heightens the more and more people you are surrounded with. Hence, you should try to place yourself in different social situations, as well as attend popular events that the city of Chicago holds. Anyone can have a great time at a festival and you can find those who you feel like could get along with you romantically, and some of those you think would be better off left at friendships. Learn more about yourself, other people, and the entire city of Chicago at large events!

Be healthy physically and mentally. Exercise helps you stay in shape, as well as improve your mentality, as chemicals get released from your brain and makes you feel happier overall. Attend a free yoga session in Millennium Park, and recharge your body and mind with the calm manner of this form of exercise.

Have an interest in the past. Though you may not a total history connoisseur, even the slightest interest in what shaped America to what it is today is attractive to others. You can meet other singles on museum tours, or other historical monuments and remnants.

Spontaneity is key. Get in touch with your artistic side at Bottle and Bottega, a painting class where you can also drink wine. Make new friends by going there, and having a good time talking to others while painting, and drinking in the casual atmosphere. Be your true self, and others will find out wonderful traits you have, eventually luring a potential significant other.

Be nice to furry beings. Not only does it make you look like amiable, but it makes you look more appealing to other singles. In addition, you will gain the trust of new people much faster when you reveal your love for animals. Hang out in one of Chicago’s various dog parks, and you will surely be able to bond with another person thanks to some form of interaction with a pet.

Don’t forget the traditional dinner date. Go on many informal yet romantic dates with different partners to get the “feel” of what they’re like, and whether they’ll be compatible for you in the long run. It’ll feel like speed dating in a way, and perhaps it kind of is. The Tango Sur is a paragon of restaurants for the perfect date night, as it provides quality, classy dinners by candlelight. It’s romantic but also relaxed, as it’s BYOB (bring your own bottle).

If you’re really struggling picking and choosing partners, read on how to tell if they’re the relationship type or not, and it’ll help making your decisions easier. If you need any further advice from LUXE, we’d be happy to help you!