Have a much easier time tracking down where the single ladies are in St. Louis by going to these places that women tend to frequent the most. Take your chances by finding a girlfriend suited to be with you and don’t be nervous when approaching them!

Bars As the saying goes, you can never trust someone who doesn’t drink. This makes for a good reason to go to any quality bar and enjoy a beverage, and get to know a woman. The casual ambience of the bar encourages people to open up, which will make it easier for conversation to blossom and for friendships and relationships to form.

Bakeries The comforting aroma of bakeries lure women and allows them to spend time with a friend, finish up some work, or lounge around reading a book like it’s their second home. Head to the nearest bakery and be entranced yourself - the cozy yet subtly romantic atmosphere is a perfect place to meet single women and have an unofficially first date.

Yoga Though typically associated as a form of exercising for women, that doesn’t mean men can’t join as well! Gain muscle strength while loosening up your limbs for a creative workout, all while spending time with women and eventually find one who is compatible with you.

Festivals There are so many different festivals year-long in St. Louis. Simply finding a big event that you may be interested in is only a click away, as you can easily look it up. Some festivals cater to certain groups of interest, while others are inclusive and be enjoyable to anybody. If you attend those specifically for people with similar interests, then you’re able to find a woman who has at least one thing in common with you, which is a good start. On the other hand, if you go to major festivals, there will be numerous amounts of people also present, which gives you a wider variety of selection. Thus, there is no con to either type of festival, and you should participate in those that you wish to.

Naturally, you can find single women elsewhere other than these few places, but these are the top areas to focus on. After being able to catch a date, read this as a guide make the date more interesting and less awkward!