Ok so you did all the upfront work of meeting someone you’re interested in and now you have a date coming up. Want to plan the perfect first date, but not sure where to start? Here are 3 tips to plan a great first date!

  1. Time Flexibility

Make sure the date is able to last as long as you want it to. Whether it be 20 minutes to 2 hours, plan a date that enables you to end it early if needed, but last for hours if you hit it off. By allowing this flexibility of time, you can relax knowing you do not have to force chemistry for hours or be trapped someplace you cannot get away.

2. Casual intimacy

Plan a date that allows for casual physical intimacy. Light touching can allow romance to spread quickly, if both parties are interested. Going out to dinner can often lead to a job interview type atmosphere, instead of an atmosphere of romance. If you must go out to dinner, sit side by side instead of across the table from one another. This will allow for more natural physical interaction and create the aura of romance.

3. Take the pressure off

Taking a stroll down by the river or a hike in the bluffs takes the pressure off of direct conversation. The conversation can start by talking about things you are seeing externally, instead of it being focused directly on the other person. The physical movement will allow you to act more like your natural self, and reduce the anxiety you may feel about the date.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Women: Don’t be afraid to initiate! If you’re confident in yourself, show it. Confidence is sexy, shows you value who you are as a person, and your date will respond to that.

  • The next day: Follow up with a simple text, rather than a phone call. Sending a text that reads “You looked beautiful last night” takes the pressure off of a long phone call or an immediate response, and keeps things casual. Take your time, choose your words carefully, and craft the words in a way that creates an aura of thoughtful romance.

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