Bad dates happen to everyone. After laughing (or crying) about them with our friends, most of us try to forget a bad date as soon as it's over. While it's never a healthy idea to dwell on the negative, don't be so quick to delete your bad date experiences from your memory.

There are some important things you can learn from these dates gone wrong, and yep, even plenty of reasons to be thankful for bad dates.

1. It's Great Practice

Just like anything else in life, the more often you do something,

the better at it you will get. First dates especially can be stressful and awkward, but the more dates you go on, good or bad, the better!

Even if you have zero attraction to your date, and really just want to go home, use it as a bit of a challenge to keep the conversation rolling and keep those dreaded awkward silences at bay. Instead of being nervous before your next first date, you'll be confident knowing that you can talk to anyone and handle yourself in any social situation, should the date take a turn for the worst.

2. It Defines what you want

The more dates you go on, the easier it will be for you to completely zero in on what you're looking for in a relationship. You have the opportunity to try out all types of people, and along with that, you will have a few bad dates.

Instead of letting it get you down, think of each date as a bit of an experiment! What did you really like about the other person? (if anything) What would you have changed? This information can help you find the one you've been looking for.

3. It Defines what you don't want

Sometimes, even more important than defining what you do want is recognizing what is it that you don't want. When you're stuck on a bad date, ask yourself what it is about the other person that you can't stand. This is also a great way to break any dating habits that might be holding you back from finding love. If you are going out with the same type of person over and over, only to have a string of bad dates, it might be time to switch things up!

4. It makes you be a Better Date

The first few bad date experiences you have might make you tell your friends that you are swearing off dating forever. However, these types of dates actually make you a more thoughtful, considerate and engaging. Since you'll be doing your best to avoid having another bad date story to tell, you'll be extra thoughtful, engaging and fun...And hopefully your date will follow suit!

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