There are a number of reasons why someone chooses to remain single for a long stretch of time. For some it’s due to a bad experience in their previous relationship, some singles have had their partners pass on, while others are busy professionals that have not had the time to become involved in the dating scene.

Regardless of reasons for being single, there comes a time when you begin to crave companionship, and wonder if you are ready to start dating again.

Here are the Top Five Signs that you ARE ready to find your Match

1. You have grown as an individual

Being single means that you have the opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone and explore new interests, friendships and opportunities.

Many people jump from relationship to relationship without experiencing the self-growth that being single can result in. If you have just come out of a relationship, you may want to give it some time and take a few more months to, “become re-acquainted” with yourself.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you have been making excellent use of your time being single, you will have a lot of hobbies and interests to talk about on a first date. You will be excited to share new knowledge, talk about the courses you are taking or the sport you have taken up. This is a great way to be interesting and to let someone know that you have things on your mind other than, “hooking up.”

2. You want someone to complement you, not complete you

The problem with people that jump into relationships is that they feel they need to be with someone to feel worthy, attractive and complete. The reality is that no one wants a partner whose happiness and self-worth is dependent on being in a relationship.

You are ready to date again if you know that there is no one person that can make you feel better about yourself. You have to love yourself first before you can truly give a relationship what it needs to thrive, and any other approach is unfair to the person that you are dating.

3. You don’t have baggage

Most people will never forget about being wronged by their ex but if you are still actively carrying that baggage around, you need time to let it go, before you can start thinking about being with someone else. When a person enters into a relationship with these negative feelings still at the surface it will affect the new relationship right from the get-go. This can include jealousy, neediness and urge to discuss or rant about it.

If you have accepted past hurts, understand that not all men/women are the same person and out to betray your trust then you can begin dating, move on, and find the happiness that you deserve.

4. You have your life “together”

Sometimes it is best to postpone the dating scene if you are in between jobs, homes or have serious issues on the go, such as an ailing family member or pet. The reason for this is that these big life events will consume much of your energy, attention, and will likely affect you emotionally. This is not the “real you” that you want to present to a potential partner. Companionship at this time will not make finding a job or a new house easier so what is another few months?

If you have a job and home that you love and no major life events taking place then you are in a great position to begin dating again. Your match will appreciate a well-rounded and happy partner that “has it together.”

5. You have no expectations When you begin dating again you don’t want to go out on every date hoping that it will turn into a serious long term commitment. It surprises people to learn that this mentality is actually quite noticeable and it comes off as being desperate or needy.

Instead, begin dating again with the mindset that you want to meet new, interesting people and develop friendships with like-minded members of the opposite sex. Sometimes the best things come in life when you are not looking for them.

In Conclusion

Use these tips to help determine if you are ready to start dating again. If you are tired of the dating scene or the big dating sites that are filled with people looking for a “hook-up” consider our upscale matchmaking service that specializes in matchmaking for professionals. Our unique business model has handpicked and introduced many couples that are now in healthy, long-term relationships.


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