The CEO and Founder of Cupid's Cronies, April Davis, made an appearance on What's Up With Wendy on the BizTalk Radio Network in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Check out the show here!

Upon her introduction, April explains her background in business working in a Fortune 500 company and earning an MBA. During this time, she she discovered that her calling was to learn more about psychology and dating, and eventually led to her founding our dating services company, Cupid's Cronies.

Of all things, April is actually married to a divorice attorney, which gives her a different perspective than most matchmakers. She says that seeing this perspective allows her "to really analyze the big red flags that will led to separation down the road", and has a "better understanding of why relationships fail", which enables April to identify and help her clients see these red flags in the early stages of dating.

In forming Cupid's Cronies, April utilized her large network of friends and colleagues to initially pair up with clients. Over time, that network continued to grow as Cupid's Cronies launched its free online database, where people who were not interested in becoming clients could submit their profiles to still be considered as matches for clients. This large network allows Cupid's Cronies to work with a much larger selection of matches than other services who only utilize client-to-client matches.

April states that "both men and women are clients with Cupids Cronies, ranging from age 27 to 83". April takes her potential clients to coffee or lunch and sits down with them to get to know who they are. She questions about what they're looking for, and especially about past relationships because this gives her insight into what has and hasn't worked for clients in the past.

"Sometimes people need to held accountable and be shook a little to get out of patterns", April says. "Many people date the same kind of people over and over again and don't realize that it will never work for them".

Wendy asks what sets Cupid's Cronies apart from the rest of the dating services out there like eHarmony, Match.com, etc. The answer- Cupid's Cronies is just much more personal. April states, "It's the equivalent to putting your resume on monster.com, as opposed to working directly with a recruiter. The difference is, you have a one-on-one relationship and they are more likely to find you a better fit".

If someone is not in a Cupid's Cronies location, April sets aside time to Skype, or do Google Hangouts to ensure that these clients find the right match. "Many are willing to travel all over the country to meet their right match", she says. Location is not a problem.

Later in the interview, Wendy asks, "What are the Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Dating?"


"Take advantage of the Holiday colors and "dress in red". There are actually studies pertaining to people who wear red, and they say that these people are actually giving off a certain "sexual sign" that the opposite gender is very attracted to. It's attention-getting.

Get a life. Make plans. If you are dating someone, and they haven't mentioned spending the Holidays together, make sure that you have something else to do. The most attractive thing to the opposite gender is someone who is confident to be their individual self.

Get your butt to the gym. Keep your standards high to stay healthy and be active. When you are feeling great, others will see that you are confident (not to mention looking hot) and be more likely to feel attraction toward you.


Don't go over-the-top with gifts. If you go above and beyond with lavish, extreme gifts, or something similar to knitting a blanket with both of your names on it, you will end up embarrassing not only that other person, but yourself as well.

Do not invite someone who is not very serious to a work holiday party or family gathering. That can be awkward for everyone involved...If you are dating someone serious and they do end up coming to an event where they don't know many people, make sure that you don't leave them to fend for themselves. Introduce them to people and accompany them around.


Not only does April provide matchmaker services, she provides other services as well such as image consulting, personal shopping, online profile help, and date coaching. "One thing I realized early on was that it's not just about putting that right person in front of someone, it's really about helping our clients to understand how they can increase their chances of success and to truly learn about themselves and dating".