In today’s hectic world of overbooked social calendars and career obligations, the use of a matchmaker can seem like an easy fix for busy singles.  But before you take the plunge, stop and think – are you ready to make the necessary commitments in order to utilize a matchmaker’s time and expertise? Matchmakers are there to bring out the best in their clients, but matchmakers cannot single-handedly create chemistry, love or a lasting relationship.  As a client, you need to be open to bring all of your best attributes to the table and put in the work of being present in your search for love.  A matchmaker is like a publicist for your romantic life and needs viable raw material to present you in your best light.  The more open and engaging you are about your world and relationship history, the better your matchmaker can find you the right date with the potential to go the distance.

Remember, you get what you pay for in matchmaking services.  Matchmakers with higher fees may seem intimidating, but what they’re offering is their undivided time and attention.  The amount you pay goes a long way in allowing your matchmaker to give you the focus needed to create thoughtful matches.  And if you find that matchmaking fees are beyond your financial comfort zone, take that as a cue to put a pause on matchmaking until you’re feeling more financially secure.  No one should have to deal with monetary stress tangled up in the search for love.

Listen to the advice and feedback your matchmaker gives you.  They're the experts and offer a good perspective, because they are in touch with the desires of available singles.  Matchmakers aren't your family or your friends and will give you honest feedback and constructive criticism.  Their insight is invaluable, and taking their advice could be the difference between casual dating and lasting love.