Love is a strange and wonderful thing. We find ourselves fearing it, yearning for it, and in awe of it. And most of us, single or in a relationship, find it haunting the darkened hallways at the backs of our minds; ever present … always there. Even when we try to suppress it, thoughts of love incessantly push back, trying to make their way to the surface and make their presence known. When we are in a relationship, we wonder at the quality of our relationship with our partner. We wonder if we have found love or if one day we love them and they, us. Amazingly enough, even when we know that we love someone, it is still on our minds.  We still wonder at its details and occasionally try to quantify it with reasoning.

When we are single it can come as thoughts of vulnerability. We have feelings of wonder at the love we see around us. Sometimes the need for love finds itself hidden in thoughts of independence … as we try to convince ourselves that we don’t need someone to share our lives with. Regardless of the delivery, it is there; and we wouldn’t have to try and persuade ourselves of our lack of need for something if that need wasn’t there.

… We do want it. We do need it. Love is always somewhere on our minds at every stage and turn in our lives.

So, here is the million dollar question … “are you ready to be in love?”

The most likely answer is, “Yes.”

You Are Ready

There are dozens of online quizzes you can take that assess your own personal level of readiness to be in love and accept love into your life, but if you’re like most of us, with love always on your mind in one form or another and are willing to open yourself up to another person, you are ready to be in love. All of the factors that people invent and put in quizzes are unneeded semantics. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready to tie the knot and get married at the first chance you get, (maybe you are?) but you are undoubtedly ready to feel a deep, meaningful connection with another human being … Ready to wake up each day and know that there is someone who loves you and would do anything for you.

Stop Cheating Yourself

Each and every moment that you put off finding the love that you deserve, you are cheating yourself out of something unique and wonderful. This is not to say that living single is to live an incomplete or unfulfilled life and it doesn’t even mean that you are lonely, but when you have a loving partner to share in life’s precious moments, it definitely enhances your daily routine!

So, don’t miss out a moment longer! Our dating coaches and matchmakers are experts that can help you not only meet the person of your dreams but assist you in taking your next relationship with to that next, loving level.

You’re ready to be in love and ready to have all of the fun that comes along with meeting someone new. The great dates, learning about each other, the butterflies in your stomach, desire, and the great expectation of things to come!

Take the leap into love. You know you’re ready!

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