The prospect of dating and meeting new people is an ever-frustrating and intimidating scenario for modern-day singles.  We’re flooded with multitudes of choices on the internet or in everyday life – you might be a very social and attractive person – but making a meaningful connection can still be a challenge. So why, with all of the availability and ease of access, is it still so difficult to make a good first impression and ask someone out?  Some may point to our technologically advanced generation.  We are so used to interacting on screens that sometimes the one-on-one connections in person feel intimidating.  We’re out of practice with some of the finer nuances of old-fashioned courting.

The use of a dating coach or “wing man/woman” is becoming increasingly popular for just these reasons.  You may be thinking, “Why use a dating coach when I have a group of solid friends to help me out?”  Well, that’s just it.  Your friends know you way too personally and can be too emotionally invested.

Often times, friends and family have the best of intentions but are too invested to let you find a great match.  You end up feeling obligated to make other people happy instead of finding a natural connection.  A dating coach is objective and only there to help you succeed – there’s no obligation to a dating coach to be anything other than truthful about your wants, needs, and insecurities.

Before venturing out to a specific event, a dating coach will take the time to get to know his or her client and, specifically, the typical pitfalls or traps that keeps the client from making connections.  Are you too aloof in your presentation?  A dating coach will help you present yourself as interested but not creepy.  Are you looking for a meaningful relationship?  A dating coach will use his or her knowledge of singles to determine up front who might be a mismatch when your romantic goggles are obstructing your view.  A dating coach utilizes his or her keen intuition to cut through the swathes of singles and find those shining with potential.

Dating coaches are also great at knowing where to go to meet quality people.  In your daily life, you’re probably more likely to be out at the clubs and bars with your friends just trying to relax on the weekends.  But a dating coach can help you navigate the worlds of bookstores or coffee shops where you are more likely to meet singles that are looking for relationships.  These might be more intimidating settings to approach strangers, so a dating coach is key in smoothing over nerves or awkward situations.

A dating coach can also provide that boost of confidence when approaching a potential date.  Just the physical presence of another person can make you feel less alone or vulnerable.  Plus, unlike a friend, a dating coach is never going to blurt out too much personal information or embarrassing anecdotes.  And they’re skilled and savvy at the art of conversation to swoop in when you might be stumbling or help close the deal when you’re on a roll.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring someone to help you put your best foot forward and no price on finding a meaningful relationship.  A dating coach is a people person who provides a valuable service in facilitating love.

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