guy hitting on girl
guy hitting on girl

There are tons of benefits of having a Wingman by your side when you’re single and looking. After all, dating can be hard, rejection can hurt, but if you have someone giving you advice and supporting you on the sidelines, like a wingman or a wingwoman, it can help calm the nerves. Heck, it might even land your dream date.

Wingmen have been around since the dawn of picking up chicks, and although they may have a funny name (I always think of a man with fairy wings), they play a vital part in helping those who might need a little extra coaching. Over the years, the wingman has evolved from a “pick up artists” into a dating guide, someone who will accompany a man or woman into a social situation to help him or her break the ice.

The 21st century has seen the rise of the wingwoman, the lady version of a wingman, who works hard to help men or other ladies, meet the person they want. Wingwomen can teach people the best way to approach a person while also helping them seem more approachable to others. Additionally, wingwomen are a great choice for women, as they can help a girl weed out the bad eggs. They can also help people to gain more confidence and learn how to talk to the opposite sex.

There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional wingman. Here are just a few:

Help Remove Barriers

2 girls kissing a man photo
2 girls kissing a man photo

The dating game can be rough. Sometimes you might just feel stuck. We all have barriers that we think are preventing us from finding the perfect match. The task of a professional wingman is to meet with you personally to discuss what kind of man or woman you are interested in meeting.  He or she will talk about the barriers you need to overcome and come up with a game plan to remove these barriers. The wingman  can also help you decipher the right kind of date to make sure you find someone who matches your personality.

Build Social Skills and Delivery

Approaching a potential date is 90% delivery. What do you say, how do you introduce yourself, what does your body language say about you? A professional wingman or wingwoman can mentor you on how to carry yourself in social setting to make sure everyone in the room knows you are there.  They can teach you how to walk into a room and instantly spark interest, leaving people wondering, “Who was that intriguing individual?"

Get to Know the Real You

Another benefit of a great Wingman is the chance to get to know yourself and confront hurdles that may have held you back. They're really just a guide, someone who will take the time to get to know you, ask the right questions, and be your supporter no matter what the outcome. The real work comes from within. You will be pushing yourself to talk more, build confidence, and reject your fears and obstacles.

two couples out at a club
two couples out at a club

No Chance of Stealing Your Date

Unlike your friends, a professional Wingman won't steal your date! There's no chance that you'll suddenly realize your friend has run off with your potential love interest. Professionals are exactly that -- they are professional. They do this for a living, so they will be by your side, get to know you, and help you navigate the dating world without the added risk of sabotage.

Looking for a professional Wingman or Wingwoman? Contact Cupid’s Cronies to set up an appointment.