You go out all the time looking for that special woman, but you wonder where the best places are...

Meeting women in public places can be time consuming and even intimidating. The challenges associated with meeting women can be made much easier by the list we have compiled below.


A classic example of meeting women is at bars. Women go to bars with their friends to have a good time, and to meet new people. It can be tough to meet a woman who is with her friends, but that's what a wingman/wingwoman could come in handy, which we will go into more in a later blog post.

Cowboy Jacks - They have multiple locations around Minnesota. They have a great atmosphere, so women will feel more comfortable. They also have very good deals during happy hour, and specials during the week. Another fun aspect to Cowboy Jack's is the mechanical bull, which could be a great way to show off your skills to the ladies, or even to strike up a conversation about it.


A great place to meet single women is where large groups of people come together, a fair can be perfect. The Minnesota State fair is awesome, but we suggest you go a smaller fair that is more open.  Minnesota has multiple fairs and similar events throughout the year.

Stone Arch Bridge Festival - The festival is in June and is located in the beautiful St. Anthony Main area. Lots of people including single women flock to the festival to buy things.

Volunteering is a perfect way to meet women, and feel good about yourself.

VolunteerMatch - Check out VolunteerMatch to find some charities, animal shelters, large outdoor music venues or whatever you may be interested in volunteering for in your area. While doing that you will meet a lot of people, and maybe even that special woman.

The Park is an open and welcoming place to meet women, and if you have dogs take them to a dog park.  No woman can resist a man who likes to take his dog to the park. If you don’t have dogs, but like to run or walk through a certain park get up the courage to talk to a woman while you’re there.

Loring ParkLoring Park is a very open area, with a small dog park, and according toYelp it’s a great place to meet people and talk.

Minnehaha Park - Minnehaha Park brings together people, come see the falls and walk along the trails. Strike up a conversation and have fun.

Another great way to meet singles is to go to singles mixers or even speed dating. Like us onfacebook, and stay up to date on the local dating events happening in your area.

Where do you like to meet single women in Minneapolis?