Do you feel nervous to re-enter the dating scene?  You are not alone.  Most everyone feels the same apprehension of diving into the world of singles.  The secret to easing those fears?Knowing that everyone has the same moments of doubt.  The difference is learning to accept your self and build your confidence and self-esteem. When you know in your heart that you are just as worthy and deserving of love as everyone else, you will be able to relax and let your true personality shine through with the confidence that is undeniably attractive to others.  Invest the time in yourself to determine what makes you feel good about yourself.  This enhances your self-worth and attractiveness to others.

Here are some easy tips on how to achieve the strength that leads to confidence:

1. Treat Yourself

You take the time to eat right and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it’s just as important to schedule routine maintenance for relaxation and pampering.  Whether that’s a weekly massage or facial or attending that hot yoga class that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, remember to allow yourself time for stress-release.  Our busy schedules often lead to this pressure building up over the days and weeks, dampening our natural light and happiness.

2. Update Your Look

A quick way to put a spring in your step is to splurge on a new look.  Whether it’s trying out a new hairstyle or adding a new element to your daily wardrobe, allowing yourself to update your look can give you a boost of self-esteem when the compliments start rolling in.  Others will notice that you value yourself and your outward appearance to the world.

3. Wear a New Scent

Our sense of smell is a powerful way to bring simple happiness to our lives.  Try a scent that triggers a happy memory or that someone has complimented you on in the past.  This simple indulgence can put a knowing smile on your face that others will find intriguing.

With this confidence, you can stand a little taller and carry yourself with pride through the dating world.  Rest at ease with the knowledge that everyone shares the same worries and moments of self-doubt, but you have the power to control your happiness.

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