This is the question women ask themselves regularly after meeting a guy whom they exchanged contact information and promises to reconnect.  The answer is... it depends. Generally, if he is interested, he will call you.  If he lost your number and is interested, he will find you- Facebook, Linked In, etc. On the otherhand, if you are a confident lady, then it can be done properly. It's is only with confidence and independence that this can be done successfully. If you come off at all desperate, then it is over. The key is all in the delivery. Unfortunately there is a bit of a game that must be played in the dating world.  This game is not all bad though.  It can be quite exciting and fun if one plays it right and is capable of walking the fine line between appearing desperate and interested.  There are two key factors to getting him to call and most importantly, not really worrying about it.

Confidence is key – to everything.  People with confidence are perceived capable of doing practically anything and seem to be magnetic to people.  If you have confidence it is a proven fact you will get more job offers, date offers, and just have overall more opportunity in life.  How do you get confidence?  By building up yourself.  When you are single you have more time to work on yourself.  Take that cooking, martial arts, or Spanish class you always wanted to try.  Put time and investment into yourself to make yourself more interesting and well rounded.  You feel good about yourself knowing you are capable and therefore, build your confidence.  Besides, it sounds more interesting to say your hobbies including bike riding and reading Greek history than watching reality TV and getting manicures.

With all this new found confidence it will attract more potential dates, which is the other key component of dating.  Have several irons in the fire.  In other words, go out and meet lots of people and get numerous dates.  That way you won’t be too invested in one person and be overly disappointed if he doesn’t call.  Also, it’s always nice to have several options to choose from.

Abiding by the two above guidelines will not only help find that special someone you have been looking for, but it will make you feel better about yourself overall.  You will no longer have to worry about if you should call him, because he will.  If he doesn’t then, oh well.  It’s his loss and you have other options anyway.  As we all heard in Field of Dreams; If you build it, they will come.  Now go out there and build yourself up.


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