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Fargo ND Date Ideas For Summer

Fargo ND Date Ideas For Summer

Summer has signaled its arrival, bringing in the pleasantly warm weather in Fargo. Regardless of how hot and sticky you might get at the end of the day, going out and being active is totally worth it, especially with your partner. Use this season to spend time with your significant other, and liberate your inner child and let loose. • Skyzone o Having fun isn’t just for kids - bounce on trampolines with your lover for an energetic and and stress-reducing experience! It’s a time full of glee and happiness that you won’t even notice that you’re technically working out with your partner at the same time, making this a healthy activity. • Downtown Fargo o Spend a day at Downtown Fargo, where there is an endless amount of activities to do! There are numerous street shops filled with independent boutiques that you can visit with your significant other, and restaurants with different cuisines that can appeal to every taste bud out there. Check out the calendar to consider the diverse list of events, from exhibitions to street fairs. • Zoo o If the two of you are animal lovers, head to the Red River Zoo! There you can learn plenty of facts about the animals that house there, and hopefully inspire you to help with conservation efforts for species that desperately need it. Events are often held at the zoo, one of which is called the Zoo Brew 2016, where live entertainment will be shown and attendees can try samples from a variety of breweries. • Island Park o For a peaceful afternoon, Island Park is has a quaint and romantic atmosphere that perfectly attunes to you and your partner’s needs. There is even a gazebo that has a history for holding weddings, and that luck may pass on to you! With lovely scenery at every step within the park, absorb nature’s grace and the entire date will be filled with delight. • Massages/Spas o Get a relaxing rub from trained professionals with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you can de-stress together. After a tense week of constant workload, it feel nice to finally loosen up, especially with the person you love. It’s a classy, quality date that doesn’t require much energy, and can leave you both feeling better than before


City Singles in North Dakota

dating service, matchmakers, dating coaches, miami matchmakers, miami dating service, online, colorado dating service, colorado matchmakers, Minneapolis matchmakers, Minneapolis dating service, Fargo is a growing city, with new businesses coming up. That obviously means more places to meet great singles.  What a better city to start dating and getting yourself out there?  Other than going to one of these new businesses, there are also many other venues to go to meet your match. Here at Cupid’s Cronies we want to introduce you to these venues to help you find love.

Fargo dancing couple datingRed River Singles

To start, Red River Singles is a great organization that, “hosts and promotes Dances, Activities, and Events for Single Adults.” They have dances lined up every month for singles.  So be sure to check them out Red River Singles online.




Meetupsman hitting on woman in bar picture

So if dancing isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to meet up with singles around you, while doing something that you are both interested in.  For example if you are interested in meeting more people that are also either vegan or vegetarian, Fargo area has a meetup group for that. This program is also great because it runs throughout various cities. You can get signed up easily on Meetup then it caters to what you like and will suggest meetup groups that are nearby.

Fargo couple bowling dateGoing Out

Another great way to find out about local events is to refer downtown Fargo.  This website highlights great restaurants, unique shopping areas, entertainment gems, and happenings around the city.  There is plenty to do in Fargo that will help you keep meeting singles.

A great source that guides singles to different restaurants, entertainment, and shopping venues is the Fargo City Guide.  They highlight other resources to find out about local and upcoming events.  Also, they make sure to give insight and information on where to go for certain needs.

Fargo is a wonderful area to make sure that you find that certain someone. Going out can be as simple at catching a show at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor or going to Theatre B to catch some great performances. Going out and exploring these local venues is a great way to meet someone. I don’t know about you, but if I met my special someone at a performance, it’s well worth the ticket bought.

Do you have some spots where you meet local singles? Let us know in the comments below!





Dating in Fargo

Always Something To Do Fargo is a great area with weather that fluctuates throughout the entire year. Making sure to keep that in mind you should take advantage of the coldest of times as well as the warmest. It will make all the difference on your date. Fargo has many great perks to it to make sure that your date and you stay entertained throughout your night. If you are wanting to keep your date low key and chill, there are many options for you. Or if you would rather make sure there is adventure throughout the entire time, no need to fret, Fargo will keep you and your date on your toes. Here at Cupid's Cronies we want to provide all of those tips and tricks to make sure your date is the best that it can be.

Simple and Fun Ideas

Fargo has so much to offer to keep your date unique yet relaxed. During the summer at the North Dakota Race Track there are certain days you can catch some exciting races that start at 1:00 in the afternoon. If watching horses isn’t your thing, but you would rather sit in the sun why not watch the Redhawks baseball team? They have both early afternoon and evening games. Maybe baseball isn’t your sport. Well luckily the North Dakota State University Bison’s have an awesome football team that plays at the Fargodome. That way you and your date don’t have to get cold while watching an awesome game of football. Before or after going to the horse races, baseball or football game you and your date can check out and grab a beer at one of the many great local breweries in Fargo. Junkyard Brewery is a nano-brewery on 1st Ave N. that is open during the evening. Another new brewery with roots in the Norwegian culture is Drekker Brewery. They have a tap room open to the public from Wednesday through to Saturday evening. If you would rather test the culinary cuisines Fargo has to offer, there is Square One. It has a variety of cooking classes to offer. If you’re not a slave to the kitchen, don’t worry, they also offer painting classes where beer and wine are served as well.

Up for the Adventure

Fargo is growing culture with a ton of opportunities opening up for locals. One of the many scenes that continues to grow every year is the population of people running in the marathons that the city hosts throughout its streets. If you and your date are up to this, I personally suggest this idea. But, if this isn’t something that you are exactly getting up for, then don’t. You and your date have many more options throughout Fargo to stay excited.

The Fargo Force is a hockey team in Fargo that has games going on from September to April. Tons of new restaurants with exciting flavors are opening up in downtown Fargo for you and your date to indulge. Once you grab dinner don’t be afraid to go and see a show at the Fargodome, or at the Hub. If you aren’t into the concert scene but love the theatre, the Fargo Theatre puts on great shows.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Fargo has great opportunities to spice up your dating life. If you’re looking for more information, be sure to check out more of our blogs. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, don’t miss out on the opportunities we have to offer, go and check out Cupid’s Cronies.



8 Best Places To Go On A First Date

There are so many great places to go on a first date, all you have to do is think outside the box. If you’re anything like the modern day single woman, you’ve been on tons of dates. Like Charlotte in Sex and the City said, “I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted.” First dates, especially in the wrong location, can be daunting and dull. Sitting silently in a movie theater or nervously finding conversation in a restaurant are a dime a dozen. How boring! Luck for you, Cupid’s Cronies has compiled a list of 8 best places to go on a first date, so you can stop feeling exhausted and start feeling exhilarated.