Couple walking in flowers
Couple walking in flowers

Spring Time Dating in Chicago: It’s spring time again in Chicago. Time to adore the lingering butterflies fluttering in the sky, the sun’s rays to shine warmer on people’s lives, and romance to bloom. You might ask yourself: Why is spring the time we fall and feel more in love and why does romance seems to blossom?  Our psychological and physiological make-up is geared to this. Your body releases chemicals which make us feel more attached and more in touch with our loved ones. Nature plays a major part in this too. Spring presents us with perfect days from our point of view. It is the beginning of “new” life. Flowers start blooming and grass gets greener. Our perceptions of these happenings translate into the idea of “being more in love” and “loving deeper”.

All of that said, it is also time for a man to start digging deep into his pockets and show his romantic side.  Sorry buddy, that is just how it works! It is time to confirm that commitment or to show a new love that you are in touch with your feminine side. Here are the top dating stops in the windy city, Chicago. Please do not choose a windy day for outside romance should you wear a toupee.

Millennium Park: Yeah baby! Located between Michigan and Columbus Avenues in Randolph Street, this is like a separate town square right in the middle of the city. Exhibitions, shows, concerts all form part of this vibrant attractions to locals and tourists. Go sit on the benches and take in the spectacular view and obviously each other’s view. There are so many things to do here. Best of all….wait, wait... Entrance is free! You do however have to pay for food and drinks at least!

couple holding hands
couple holding hands

Lake Michigan: Take your partner on an evening dinner boat cruise on this magnificent lake. The skyline sparkles in the background while the sparks between the two of you are getting brighter as the evening progresses. Cruise companies offer many themed cruises. Odyssey offers Sunset, Full moon and other themed cruises. Maybe you will enjoy the fireworks dinner cruise best, as that is your goal, fireworks later right.

The Ferris wheel: The Ferris wheel at navy pier is an obvious date spot in Chicago, because you are in your own world while the lake view and skylights go by slowly. Oh what a romantic long kiss will occur here for all the right reasons

It is Zoo time: Women have a soft spot for animals. Some of us like to hunt them and provide for our loved ones, but for a woman a baby cub or a toying monkey is so cute. Lincoln Park Zoo is ideal when you are on a tight budget because it is free. Please play along that you actually do like all animals and make sure she knows it. Hunting can wait till later.

Tango Sur: Dinner by candle light. This restaurant located in Southport Avenue is ideal for a romantic date night for couples. The food is great and the romantic ambiance will have your dessert somewhere else. Remember it is BYOB (bring your own bottle).

There you have it. Let Spring take you on a romantic journey through Chicago’s hot date spots. There is a place for every budget type and it isn’t the spend that counts right? Enjoy romanticism and enjoy love once again!

Do you have a favorite spot in Chicago that you think is great for a date? Let us know in the comments below!