The Chicago Dating Scene is vast and varied if you're willing to get out and away from the same places to travel to every other day.  A girlfriend of mine once said, “Chicago may be the biggest small town I’ve ever known.”  It seems like there’s always an opportunity to bump into your ex, or your ex’s new boo in a bar. But on the plus side, Chicago is filled with amazing places to mingle and meet someone new. The neighbors, the bars, the sights, the food, and the music scene all present great opportunities for you to meet someone who shares your tastes. It’s an eclectic city, full of interesting characters. Let me give you a brief tour: The Music Scene

It seems as though in this city, everyone is a musician, or they are friends with someone who is a musician. Since there are so many of them, that means there is an abundance of different open mic and open jam nights throughout the city. See that guy playing bass, yeah he is single, and wants to meet some lady that enjoys his music, a good drink and walking along the waterfront.  Muse see music locations include Beauty Bar; 914, Hostel Earphoria, and The Whistler.

Sports Clubs and Drinks

There are a lot of sports club that you can join in Chicago. After the Polar Vortex, why not reinvigorate your limbs by running around with people who also like to run around. There is something about playing softball by the lakefront that allows one to escape feeling as though they are in the 3rd largest city in the United States. After a win or a loss, you can always grab a drink afterwards with your teammates. Use the game as a way to bond with that person who caught your eye.

Food, Food Everywhere

It can be difficult in other cities to find something enjoyable to eat, especially if you have very specific food choices, (like vegan, paleo, gluten free). But in Chicago, you’re in luck. There are many restaurants here that are not only geared towards specific food choices (Chicago Diner-for vegetarian and vegan; or, Lula’s Cafe for organic/farm to table; or, Parson’s for fried chicken awesome), many of those same restaurants also have gluten free menus. Food is a great way to explore passion and sensuality. .

While we are finally getting into our warmer months, remember there is so much to do in this city whether you are single or in a relationship, just get out there and explore!

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