For a first date to be great it really requires two things; that you’re doing something both parties enjoy, or are interested in, and that you’re doing something that is not an all day activity.  A first date should be shorter than most dates; this way if one or both of you are not having a great time the awkwardness is lessened.  Another great thing about this is that if you are having a superb time you can continue the short date, and turn it into something more substantial!  A coffee date could turn into dinner, a walk could turn into grabbing drinks along the way, and it’s really a win-win situation!  For a few hints on where to go for that first date keep reading below!

coffee girl
coffee girl

1. Grab Coffee

A first date personal favorite of many, grab coffee at your favorite spot!  This might not seem like a really creative idea but it’s comfortable, and you can decide to come here really any time of the day since most coffee shops open early and close late.  Even if you happen to have the worst date ever, the worst that can happen is you finish your latte especially quick and be on your way.

2.  Go for a walk

Go for a walk or a hike somewhere nice! Find a park, a trail, or just walk around a fun neighborhood.  Getting to know someone while exercising and in nature can be more fun than the simple idea sounds. This is also a great scenario for a first date because unlike a movie, you can decide how long the date lasts!

art museum
art museum

3.  Go to a museum

Find an event at a local museum or just grab general admission tickets.  With so many interesting artifacts around you to talk about, the conversation should flow easily, making it a great place for a first date.  If you’re not much of an art person try a science museum or a natural history museum.

4.  Take a class

Whether it’s a wine and painting class, a dance class, a cooking class, or even an exercising class it’s a great idea for a first date!  Since there will be interaction with others also, it’s a dynamic way to get to know your date.  Classes usually only last an hour at most so try this out for an easy date.  If it goes well, ask them to grab coffee or a drink too!

Maintain a relationship
Maintain a relationship

5.  Zoo or Aquarium

This creative first date idea might sound a bit juvenile, but doing something that reminds you of childhood and that you haven’t done in years can be fun!  If you and your date are young at heart and up for a change of pace see if there's an aquarium or zoo in your area.

6.  Go to a comedy club

Check out a amateur comedy night or head to a comedy club.  Even if the comedians are really bad this can be a great way to share some laughs.  This is not for everyone but if you and your date are up for something light-hearted and different I would recommend this option!

7.  A sporting event

If you’re both into sports go to a sporting event.  Going to a game or watching a game at a pub are both great fun, it can be a great way to bond with your date, even if you happen to be fans of opposing teams.  Taking part in an activity, like watching a game is also a great way to cut back on awkward first date silences since you'll always have something to talk about!

8.  Brunch

An easy and comfortable way to get to know your date!  Go to a fun brunch spot on the weekend and get to know your date over coffee and pancakes.  Over the weekend we tend to be more relaxed and happy so conversation can flow more easily.  It’s less pressure than a dinner date, and who doesn’t love brunch?

coffee date
coffee date

Try out our first date ideas and let us know what you think!  Comment below with your favorite first date spots!

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