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The great city of Madison is lucky enough to be surrounded by gorgeous lakes, from Lake Wingra to Lake Mendota. Not only is Madison located by these great bodies of water, but the heart of Madison lies directly on an isthmus that divides these waters. The lights that surround the city are reflected in water creating a romantic atmosphere that will create the “wow” factor that is necessary on any date. These combinations create endless opportunities for not only your date, but the potential to find love. Here at Cupid’s Cronies we want to help you to take advantage of these amazing ideas we offer here to find love in the great city of Madison.

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Night Out on the Isthmus The days get warm, but as the breeze from the shores of the surrounding lakes come up, it can cool down fast. What better way to impress your date, than taking advantage of these cool nights and use these ideas to heat things up? Here are some fresh, young and fun ideas to keep the night cool and exciting.

Downtown Restaurants offer a variety of options for you and your date to indulge in.  If you’re the traditional type and want to stick to a good burger and beer make sure to check out, The Old Fashioned.  If you would rather adventure around the world, why not try some awesome Asian food and stop in at Ha Long Bay. These options are right down on the isthmus of downtown Madison, amongst many other fabulous easy going restaurants that will turn even the most quiet of first dates into an enveloping conversation that will introduce to love.

Fargo dancing couple dating
Fargo dancing couple dating

Dancing the Night Away can create a bond that is both exciting and intimate. To put some rhythm into those two left feet, don’t be afraid to take a few classes with your date at Fred Astaire dance studio. They offer night classes that will create the beat to take you from the studio to sweeping your date off their feet.

State Street does not only take over a large portion of downtown Madison, but also has a variety of options for events and activities. The liveliness of downtown creates the perfect setting for romance and excitement. From live music on streets to shopping as well. Make your date comfortable by introducing them to these key gems that will leave them reminders of finding love in Madison.

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Lake Mendota is a vast body of water that can create the perfect ambience for a romantic night on the town. Start off by watching the sunset come down over the water. As the sun goes down, the lights and life of Wisconsin comes up.  This creates the perfect setting for a late night boat ride over Lake Mendota.

Laugh it Up at the Comedy Club on State. There is no better way to break the ice than a good laugh. Not only will you be able to see your date’s sense of humor, but more importantly let them express themselves through the most pure form of humor.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Fargo has great opportunities to spice up your dating life.  If you’re looking for more information, be sure to check out more of our blogs.  We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, don’t miss out on the opportunities we have to offer, go and check out Cupid’s Cronies.

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