Looking for a date night dining experience in DC? Well look no further than below.


Getting a reservation at RasikaIndian Cuisine can be likened to getting an invitation to the White House... okay, maybe not that difficult but if it's a weekend, be sure to include a little advanced planning! On the bright side, they do take walk-ins; but if it's a full night, do not expect a full-sized table with nice grown-up chairs and a pretty white tablecloth. No, you will be seated in the "didn't-have-a-reservation" section with teeny tabletops and awkwardly placed chairs. It’s just the price you pay for your impromptu drop-in. Once seated, the magic begins and the food itself explains why you reservations are hard to come by. The menu is extensive, offering a wealth of Indian dishes to choose and the atmosphere is classically outstanding. If Rasika sounds like a plan for a date night, start planning your reservation today!

China Chilcano

If you are familiar with Jose Andres and his cooking concept, China Chilcano will definitely please your date night dining experience. Peruvian food is great and China Chilcano has a very tasty menu!  As is usual with Jose Andres restaurants, part of the experience is the presentation and mixture of tastes.  Beautiful interior decoration and good service add to the already gorgeous atmosphere of this establishment. Food is served tapas style so you will need at least several dishes to share between yourself and your date for the full experience. Each dish had very defined flavors that jumped out and you’ll be amazed at how well the chefs are able to put together food experiences that play off of textures and tastes of individual items! The desserts work wonders in rounding off your meal and is the one thing you shouldn’t miss.


If you taste with your eyes first, then you'll be full as soon as you walking into Lincoln. Penny covered floor, giant white couch to resemble Lincoln's chair at the memorial, and "shabby chic" accents. There is no better place to represent the District. The service is fast, the space nice and literally everything on the menu is delicious and reasonably priced. The oysters, gingerbread and chicken fricassee come highly recommended. If you happen to venture to the downtown area for date night, Lincoln is worth checking out.


Ghibellina is definitely a tale of two establishments. The bar area finds a late 20’s, early 30’s crowd at the front of the restaurant, drinking fashionable cocktails and feeding off the trendy vibe while admiring the rest of the 14th Street chic crowd. For everyone else looking to experience delicious food and low-key atmosphere, you'll want to take your sweet time in the dining area towards the rear of the restaurant, savoring every bite and debating between all the delectable options. And you can’t go wrong with any of them. Every plate from the Burrata to the Tagliatelle to the Margherita pizza to the almond crunch gelato was superb, flavorful but never heavy. Even the olive oil with the bread was far above average. The cocktails are great; the wine list is expansive and no matter what date mode you’re in, Ghibellina will definitely be accommodating.


Unique and sensual is a great way to describes Sax . The ambiance is absolutely stunning, upscale and beautiful with elegant décor touching everything from the chairs to the walls to the candles. The French cuisine is delectable in every bite while the entertainment makes you feel like you've stepped into an opera house in.  It feels something like Versace or Sistine Chapel, accentuated by ceiling murals. Burlesque-style dance performances behind a glass screen above the main floor bar giving the atmosphere a suggestive and artful feel. Definitely sexy, definitely romantic and a definite date night do.

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