Boston Date night
Boston Date night

Looking for a nice place in Boston to romance your date? Check out the places below.


Get into a great time here with beautiful decor, great food and friendly service. The theme is classic Italianwith a contemporary twist, and certainly you will find many old time favorites gracing the menu.  One of the best features is that you can order half or full sized entrees.  The half sized portions are an awesome way to sample more than one dish. Located in the theatre district and only walking distance from the theatre makes it easy to catch a movie before or afterwards.

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

You feel like you are walking into a haunted house... it's very dark, and mostly everything is red or black. It's gothic, and seems as if devils or vultures or vampires will pop out behind the corner. It actually is creepy, but in an elegant way if that's possible. The set-up is on different levels, and feels kind of like a cave, almost making you forget Copley plaza is right outside. It truly is transcendental and you feel completely in the moment, afraid to miss a single detail of this experience. Welcome to Lolita's.  You and your date will feel transported to a different era, and will have developed a whole new palate that you are able to taste, smell, see and feel by the end of dinner. Your senses are heightened to a new level, and won't be able to be satisfied until you make it back.

Chicago Dance Class
Chicago Dance Class

The Red Lantern

The Red Lantern ambiance with its sleek fixtures, low lighting and candles sprinkled throughout the restaurant combined with a DJ who transitioned from mingle-friendly lounge music to danceable 90s hits once people were ready to hit the floor makes it the perfect balance of grown-up and fun. The space itself is a complete refreshing change from anything else: it's huge, with high ceilings offering a more high-end feel without being stuffy. You're never crowded and you can truly enjoy yourself. There's a bar and lounge type area, and several tables with great views of the kitchen and your fellow stylish diners. The cocktails are strong and creative and the food is delicious. If you’re ok dining and dating while dancing in your seat, give The Red Lantern a go.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

If Oysters are a date night favorite, Island Creek Oyster Bar is where you need to be. The ambiance is fun, more upscale casual and extremely sensual; you’re close to date party, close to others and up close and personal with the staff -in a good way! With a variety of Oysters to choose from this date night can easily become a learning experience. What started as an Oyster Farm has bloomed into a beautiful establishment full of great food and people. If a sensational seafood extravaganza sounds like a plan, give Island Creek a try today.  


Flex your cooking skills for your date at Shabu-Zen.  A spin off of the traditional Chinese hot pot where, instead of a group of people sharing one large pot, individuals get their own small pot.  The food is ordered via different types of combinations and if the portions are not enough for you, additional food can be a al carted. What's nice about this place is the variety of broth that can be selected, the way everything is served fresh and the swiftness of service.  A fun and different take on dining is the mood here so if that’s what you’re in the mood for, Shabu-Zen is the place to go.

What about you? What places do you like to dine at for date night? Let us know below!

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