Successful dating is built on the foundation you have with your sense of self.  Those who have a clear idea of who they are will be better equipped for the dating world, because they have defined expectations as to what they deserve and what is actually attainable in a partner.  

The first step in creating a solid foundation for yourself is to evaluate your self-esteem.  A strong and viable sense of self-esteem is essential before opening yourself up to the experience of dating.  You set the tone for how you want to be treated; and if it’s clear to others that you respect yourself, they will treat you in kind.  Men are drawn to confidence and are looking for cues on how to treat a woman based on how she treats herself.


The next step in staying true to yourself while dating is to set up well-defined personal boundaries so that you are not influenced by the bad habits of those you may be dating.  These boundaries are different for each individual.  Take the time to really determine what feels right or wrong when you’re dating and in a relationship so that you’ll know when to pump the brakes when someone has breached your comfort zone.


The last step is to stay honest with yourself and others.  While being coy in light-hearted matters can be exciting, men need clear communication about what is right or wrong when it comes to setting the foundation of how you need to be treated.  Men often times will not pick up on subtle clues and so need to be set straight from the start with transparent actions and words.


With these well-defined personal boundaries and foundations of self-respect, you’ll start attracting the right type of person who will be guided on how to treat you with continued love and respect.