Cupid’s Cronies realize that as a busy professional individual, you may not have the time and have been disappointed in your search for a relationship.  You want more than “the bar scene” and online dating has is nothing short of scary.  Awaiting you is a service where you can be introduced to exceptional people in a relaxing, discreet, and confidential manner.


Cupid’s Cronies is an extremely personalized matchmaking firm.  You have high standards and so do we.  Our quality and focus on customer service to you is our number one concern.  Individual attention from your matchmaker and having someone who knows precisely what your preferences are, can be expected from Cupid’s Cronies.  Also, we realize that some people do not always have the right motives to meet our clients.  We will prevent introductions from this type of individual to ensure your best interests are in mind always.


Every client is given one on one attention from their assigned matchmaker.  The assigned matchmaker is the “wing woman” and will provide coaching to clients through each stage of the dating process and clients receive constructive feedback every step of the way.  Cupid’s Cronies clients and potential matches are thoroughly screened and everyone we match is put through a comprehensive personality assessment and background check.  We understand that chemistry is everything, which is why catering to members’ precise standards remains a top priority for the agency. 


By extensive recruiting and offering free memberships to individuals we believe are highly sought after, smart, and beautiful inside and out, we are able to create an endless network of potential matches for our clients.  This business model is unique in the industry where typically all members have to pay and are only matched with each other.  At Cupid’s Cronies we believe this to be too limiting to our clients, because the person who is truly right for our clients may not also be hiring a search firm.  We invest heavily in our search for men and women who are “real” and interested in our clients for the right reason.  We have people scouting all over on our behalf looking for these hidden gems who would make a great match to our clients.

Cupid’s Arrows

As a client of Cupid’s Cronies we have several different arrows to use as our ammunition in order to find the one for you.  You receive individualized one on one attention from your own personal matchmaker.  The matchmaker is your very own “wing woman”.  She will listen to everything you are looking for from a relationship and create a custom tailored search for a potential match.  The matchmaker will provide feedback and dating advice along the entire process.  In order to raise the success rate we  offer style makeovers, a home visit and evaluation, and a professional photo session to ensure the best you is presented to your potential match.
Quality service is our number one priority at Cupid’s Cronies.  We truly want our clients to live happily ever after and will work rigorously until we can make that happen.  We utilize our extensive network and ambitious desire to find successful men and women for our clients to meet in a relaxing and confidential manner.  We offer hands-on coaching from our exclusive Matchers and the opportunity to hand select dates from our database.  This method has proven time and time again to be successful.  Most of our clients enter a long term relationship in the first three introductions we make.  Clients can trust that we will only accept them as clients if we believe we can help.