With 24,000 eateries, there are endless options for having a nice date night. But with so many options, how does one choose? If you are looking for an enjoyable night out with great food and ambience, check out the options below.


Great wines, candlelit table tops and attentive staff is what Amelia is all about.  The intimate, romantic setting sets a great ambiance to enjoy some delicious food and wine. While the menu isn't super expansive, the items that they have are phenomenal. If you’re a cheese lover, the goat cheese ball is a must try! It is crusted in pistachios with honey, caramelized onions and just delectable. It’s worth the trip alone, along with their fantastic happy hours 3 customized flights (which are more like full glasses) of wine for $12 as well as reduce price appetizers. If you venture out to Greenwich Village, this is the place to stop by.

La Lanterna di Vittorio

In the hustle and bustle of the city sits the beautiful and ever romantic La Lanterna di Vittorio. The food, service and prices are great.  With three different seating options including the covered greenhouse-like garden area in the back as well as the downstairs area that serves as a jazz bar, no matter where you end up sitting, the atmosphere is phenomenal. The menu is many pages long so there’s something for everyone and the desserts are on display so you get to see what you’re getting before it arrives. Cute, quaint and romantic is La Lanterna di Vittorio and comes highly recommended for a date night.


In the Eastern Village with its impressive brick walls and clay pots hanging from the ceiling sits the amazing Greek restaurant Pylos. The Complimentary hummus and pita is great, just make sure you save enough room for your main course. Every plate that walks by looks and smells appetizing while the wide selection of Greek wine can be overwhelming. The food is flavorful and a great price point. The bathrooms are spacious and clean, the lighting is perfectly dim and their service is prompt and friendly. If you and your date find yourselves in Alphabet City, Pylos is a must stop!


This Williamsburg spot is just incredible. The sophisticated level of each dish, the flavor development, the playfulness and creativity of some of the combinations and the overall dining experience is amazing. The Chef’s Tasting is a definite do and includes 10 shared plates and 3 dessert courses, all very reasonably priced. Their cocktail selection is short and interesting including the recommended Rude Little Pig, which is a tequila cocktail with a bacon salted rim. If you’re going for a romantic atmosphere where bacon on your glass’ rim sounds like an option, plan a trip to Brooklyn today.


Simple and well-presented seafood at its best is a great way to sum up Upstate.  Others are quite fussy about this East Village spot and upon being seated you’ll see why. There is no need for happy hour because they menu is extremely reasonable, in fact this place is made specifically for people that can appreciate the best quality and freshest seafood at an affordable price. If you love Oysters, they come highly recommended here.   With great wines and top notch service, this spot makes for a great date! Unless you go around 5 when they first open or earlier in the week be prepared to wait. They are loved just that much.

Date nights are some of the greatest night out and should be enjoyed. How about you? What places do you venture out to for a night out? Let us know below.

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