Fall is approaching before you even know it, and the temperatures are slowly dwindling down, making it appropriate for the nickname of “cuddle weather.” Keep warm this season with your loved one, and go on these traditional dates that are perfectly suited for autumn!

  • Painting with a Twist Regardless of your artistic ability, you are bound to have a great time, especially with your partner’s company! The twist here is that you are served alcoholic beverages, which allows you to lighten up more (and maybe see your paintings as fit as a true artist’s). Befriend other fellow artists as well, and compare your works to theirs. Arts and crafts are a popular activity during the fall season, and what better way to spend it than at Painting with a Twist!
  • Haunted Houses Halloween is coming up, the crisp weather aligns with the chilling spookiness of the holiday. Head to the Chambers of Horror and prepare your heart from being scared, and perhaps protect your partner from the horrors as well. Though frightening, overall this is a fun experience that will make you feel just like your child self again.
  • Fall Date Ideas Atlanta
  • SaltyardDelight yourself in Atlanta’s finest joint for seafood and wine! The Saltyard is a restaurant with a urbane yet cozy interior that gives you a warm feeling inside, along with its delectable American-styled cuisines. Submerge your significant other and yourself in this ambience and amp up the romance in your relationship with this dinner date.
  • Parks Have a picnic at a park. Witness the changing colors of the leaves first-hand with your partner, and do the ritual of piling the colorful assortment together and jumping into it! You can take a stroll with your lover without getting sweaty or cold, as the temperatures settle into the perfect medium.  Enjoy the scenery that is much different from the typical green setting that spring and summer make us accustomed to.
  • Whole World Improv Theatre Attend an event at the Whole World Improv Theatre prepared to laugh with your date. This comedy group does their best to keep the show hilarious and moving along smoothly, and their efforts are fruitful - many audiences leave satisfied with the classiness of the humor and professionalism. This is all the more impressive, as the shows are completely improvised (as the title states) and the wittiness of the comedians can be easily observed and admired.

Stay warm and snug with your belle/beau during this autumn season, especially as the days are becoming more and more brisk. Make sure to always be romantic towards your lover, but not too much so otherwise it’ll kill the already good vibe of the relationship. Learn more about how much optimism in a relationship is optimal here.