The sizzling summer heat is finally coming to a close, and it’s time to start getting out the scarves and trench coats for the brisk, autumn weather! Despite the changes in the weather and season, there are still a multitude of date ideas to uncover with your lover, right here in Milwaukee. Treat yourselves to some fall themed dates and embrace the gradual transition from hot to cold.Grab a bite to eat. There are a countless number of quality American restaurants, and also a sprinkle of some other cultural cuisines. There are so many options, but that is all in all a good thing! Lucky Ginger is a quirky Asian fusion joint, including the infamous sushi burrito. Additionally, Harbor House is an example of a seafood restaurant that gives you a beautiful outlook of Lake Michigan, which will really set the romantic mood for the date.

Fall Date Ideas Milwaukee
Fall Date Ideas Milwaukee

Pumpkin spice up your romance life. Cooking with a boyfriend or girlfriend is an excellent way to stay at home, yet have some fun. As pumpkin and other vegetables and fruits are starting to be in-season, utilize these in the kitchen! Bake a pumpkin pie, or any fall-themed food that will surely warm the two of yours’ heart. Eating your creations afterwards is always rewarding.

Take a walk in the park. Actually witness the colors of the leaves changing from green to a lighter color. The cool wind will feel refreshing against both of your cheeks, and you can lessen the distance to keep warm. The crunch of the leaves underneath your toes will leave you two in a comfortable silence. The park is a picture-perfect scenery to view all throughout the year, but is especially beautiful during the fall, as it goes through striking visible changes.

Attend a show. In the city of Milwaukee, there are many different kinds of shows hosted at different venues. For instance, at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, professionals are hired to perform theatrical acts, and it’ll undoubtedly wow you and your date. On the other hand, Riverside Theater usually hold concerts, which can be a great experience to have with your loved one. There’s a wide range that you can choose from, all the way from classic Broadway shows to casual concerts.

Visit a Haunted House. This is the season for Halloween and the thrills. Get ready to scare yourself by going into a haunted house - at least you have your partner to protect you! Mars Haunted House is the perfect place to head to and get a little frightened. This will definitely get you and your partner in the mood and be excited for what’s to come in fall.

These are all reasons why you should be thrilled for autumn. There are a multitude of activities to participate in Milwaukee, and you and your significant other will never be bored. In addition, you should read on how to maintain the passion in your relationship. There is no such thing as too much passion in a relationship, unless it borderlines infatuation. Keep that in mind as you date in this fall season.