Fall Date Ideas St. Louis
Fall Date Ideas St. Louis

Ah, how can anyone not enjoy the fall? With the gorgeous colors the leafs turn, the crisp cool air, and the wonderful smells. Most people don’t seem to think of fall as a particularly romantic season, but I think those people are wrong. There isn’t much more romantic than cool autumn walks through the glorious foliage, hearing the leafs crunch under your feet, or staring longingly into your lovers’ eyes over a pair of pumpkin spiced lattes. Everything about fall sparks romance: snuggling “for warmth”, romantically admiring the changing of the leafs hand-in-hand, admiring the way the cool autumn breeze rustles your lovers’ hair…There’s nothing like it. With the next fall season rapidly approaching, it is time to start planning all of the fun activities we don’t want to miss out on before fall is over. For those of you at a loss for fun date ideas for the upcoming fall months here are some suggestions for fun things to do with your sweetie this upcoming season: Go Apple Picking

There isn’t a lot more romantic in the fall than being out in the midst of the beautifully colorful landscape. What better way to get outside with your significant other than to go apple picking as you stroll through the beautiful orchards? Perhaps you could even take a cozy hay ride while you’re there and bake an apple pie together once you’re done.

Visit a Corn Maze and/or a Pumpkin Patch

Sometimes the best date ideas stem from years and years of traditions. What better way to get closer to your sweetie than having to work together to make it out of the corn maze or picking and carving pumpkins together? Enjoy the fun and exciting opportunities this season has to offer to full fall capacity with your significant other!

Go to a Haunted House

For the thrill seekers out there- what better way to get your lover close to you than to have them holding onto you for dear life in one of St. Louis’s haunted houses? Show your partner that you’re still daring and full of youthful excitement (unless you have a heart condition, of course).

Take a Walk at the Park

For those of us not feeling a thrill needs to be sought, consider a simple walk at Forest Park. Walk hand-in-hand taking in all of the glorious sights and smells of fall. There isn’t a better time to enjoy your time together at the park than in the breathtaking beauty of the vibrant colors of the leafs.

Fall Dating St. Louis
Fall Dating St. Louis

Stay in and Have a Movie-Marathon

Before all of that pre-holiday stress starts kicking in consider taking a day (or a whole weekend if you wish) and having a movie marathon. Whether it’s a long list of those movies you always talk about watching but never get to or a Halloween themed scary movie marathon. Sometimes there is nothing more romantic than simply relaxing and spending time together watching movies you both enjoy.

There you have it, some simple and fun ideas for dates this upcoming fall that are good for newer relationships and for long term relationships. Any relationship takes a lot of dedication to spending time together doing things you both mutually enjoy. Take the time and enjoy one or all of the above suggestions, happy fall dating!

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