It can be hard to find other singles in the area. Maybe you’ve tried the speed-dating events. Or you’ve hung around the produce aisle, dressed in your cutest “just shopping” outfit. When you got home, you thought about the people you met – or maybe, that you didn’t meet. Whatever you’re doing just isn’t working. You’re still single, with nary a prospect of a boyfriend in sight. It’s getting old. You want to go out to the restaurants, movies and yes, to your friends’ weddings with a date. You’ve gone out a few times, but the dates never materialized into anything noteworthy. You’re confident that it isn’t you. The guys you’ve met have been friendly, approachable and easy on your eyes. Maybe it’s where you’re looking.

Movie Nights

Organize a movie night or find one that you and your similarly single friends can attend. If you choose to organize these events, make it clear to everyone that new people are welcome. In this way, you’re broadening your exposure to people you haven’t previously met. When you are setting up movie nights, include movies of all genres – suspense, thriller, mysteries, rom-coms, psychological thrillers and even horror movies. This way, you’re likely to attract more people interested in attending.

Hobby Groups

Think about any hobbies you may enjoy pursuing. Whatever your hobbies are, you’re likely to meet someone like-minded. Well, you may not meet a guy interested in collecting dolls, but if you knit or collect coins, you may do so. If you’re an avid reader, find a book club in your community. You may meet a few guys who like reading just as much as you do. Even if you don’t meet anyone, you’re meeting and mingling with others, broadening your social circle. You’re out there, doing something you enjoy!

Fitness Centers

Men and women sign up and exercise at fitness centers. Do two things at once: work out, get physically fit and meet new people. While you’re slaving away on the leg extension machine or doing some killer crunches, you’re probably making note of the other people there. Allow your eyes to roam – everyone’s doing it. Look at the different guys as they work out. They’re going to be just as hot, sweaty and disheveled as you are, so don’t worry! Once you see a guy you’d like to meet, give him a wink and a smile as you pass him on the way to another exercise machine.

College Course

You will meet lots of new people, men included, in a class at a university or college in or near your hometown. It doesn’t really matter why you choose to take a class. You might decide it’s time to take a class to add to your professional background. You may decide you want to learn about ancient Egyptian history. For whatever reason, sign up for that class, buy the book and start attending. Keep your eyes open as you walk into class for the first time. Make note of who is already there and who is coming in with you. Again, make eye contact and smile when you notice someone you’d be interested in meeting. After class, invite him to discuss the day’s lesson over coffee. Ask him about something that you may not have understood. Offer to share your notes or study for tests with him. Who knows? You may form a romantic connection.

Special Events in Your Community

Festivals, fests and fairs all take place during the year in your community. If you normally avoid these special events because of crowding, too much traffic, too many people or too much general hullaballoo, it’s time to get out there and mingle. Call a girlfriend and make plans to go. On the big day, dress in something casual, fix up your hair and put on a little bit of makeup. As you walk through the crowds and see the displays and all the food being offered, make it a point to notice the men in attendance. They will be in a happy, festive mood, open to your approach. Smile at them as you pass by. If you spot someone sitting and eating, sit nearby with your friend. Involve him in your conversation.

Volunteer Group or Church

Think about issues you’re passionate about. If it’s animal rescue or identifying historical homes for preservation, sign up with volunteer groups or join one or two of the committees. Some volunteer groups are set up just for singles. While there, make phone calls, create phone lists, strategize on various issues – and meet other like-minded singles.

Singles’ Social Networking Sites

Finally, find a social networking site intended specifically for you and other singles. When you find one you want to join, create your profile, highlighting your most attractive points and start participating in various chats. You may meet someone special!

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