A couple hugging about to kiss The day has come!  The day when you get to spend a few important hours getting to know the person who very well could be… “The One”.

You’re nervous.  You’re excited.  You’re counting down the hours.

Relax, and take a few first date tips from the Matchmaking Pros at Cupid's Cronies.

You will be prepared and excited for any first date situation coming your way!

1. First and foremost, Do not share too much!  Do not talk about your Ex and talk about all your personal issues.  The first date is not the place to go to confession and show all your skeletons in your closet.

2. Be Positive.  Don't speak poorly of anyone or anything.  This just gives off negative energy and is unattractive.

3. Don’t eat with your fingers.  Use a knife to help guide the food onto your fork.  You’re not a monkey.

Big orangutan

4. Get a haircut, nails manicured, shave, etc.  It is animal instinct to need to be attracted to a mate.  While the “She/He should get to know me for who I am” attitude may be great for your ego, it’s not reality.  So get your butt in the shower.

5. Talking about dating in general, your experiences with dating sites/services, previous dates, etc. are off limits.  You should have more interesting things to talk about than your past dating encounters and the sites/services you're using.A guy whispering into a girls ear

6. Compliment the other person.  Don’t be creepy.  Just be polite and give that person a little ego boost with a sweet genuine compliment.  Even if it’s on his/her shoes, purse, whatever.  It exudes confidence on your part as well as earning extra points with him/her.  Besides, they have just spent much time getting ready for you and this date, you should be appreciative.

7. Stand up straight.  If you can’t, then it’s time to see a chiropractor.  People are perceived so much better when they have good posture.

8. Dress well, but leave something for the imagination.  Show some class, not so much… booty.

9. Be humble.  This is way sexier than a person who likes to brag.  There’s always somebody better than you and trust me, your poop stinks just as much as the next person's.  Maybe even more depending on what you order tonight.

10. Listen and ask questions.  Show you are interested in what the other person has to say.  This takes the pressure off of you to do all the talking and allows you to get to know your date.

11. Men – open the door for the lady.  I’m not just saying only tonight either.  She’s your lady.  Your princess.  Treat her like one and you will be rewarded handsomely.

12. Be nice and polite to the server and everyone else you encounter.  How you treat others who are in a “Serving type” position; ie. Waitstaff, cashier, etc. is an indication of your true character.

13. Look your date in the eye.  It’s so distracting and unattractive to not have good eye contact.

ragazzo biondo

14. For goodness sake, do not drink too much.  Again, this is not very attractive and your date doesn’t want to carry find out how much you weigh when he/she is carrying you home. 2 drinks max!

15. Guys, skip the straws.  It's just not sexy.

16. Keep your focus on your date and don’t check out other people.  This is so rude and a definite second date killer.

17. Don’t expect the girl to split the bill.  The 1st date should be paid by the man if he wants a 2nd. Period.

18. Don’t go to a restaurant where you know everyone.  This is very distracting and will make the other person feel like you’re a bar rat and she/he is probably not the first one you brought here.

19. If you do run into someone you know, be polite and make introductions, then say, “It was nice to see you” and end the conversation.

cell-phone20. No phone calls or texts.  Period.

21. If you order a beer, pour it in a glass.  It’s a lot classier and attractive.

22. Don’t chew with your mouth open and do not talk with food in your mouth.  I know this sounds like your mom talking, but people do it.

23. Use a napkin and put it on your lap.

24. Just a reminder... Don’t mention the ex or the dating site/service you met through (how many dates you've been on, experiences, etc.) and if it is brought up, change the subject asap.

25. If something goes wrong with your order, take it in stride.  Exude patience and class.  This will go far with your date.

26. Crew necks don’t belong under your dress shirt unless you’re not of legal drinking age.  V- necks or tanks are okay.

Young Male

Also, if you’re not wearing a tie, then only one button should be undone.  Please spare us that "sexy" chest hair.

crazy evil man rips his shirt on his hairy chest

27. If you have to go to the bathroom, do not say, “I have to go take a piss.”  Say, “Excuse me.  I’ll be back in a moment.”  No one wants to know what you’re doing with your junk.

guy picking teeth

28. Keep your volume in check.  You do not want to attract extra attention and nobody likes the loud obnoxious guy in the room.

29. After you eat, go to the restroom to wash your hands and check your teeth for leftovers.  Keep mints on hand.

30. Smile.  You should be happy you are there.  Even if you think you will not go out with them again, you may run into to her/him again, or they even might end up with a cousin or something.  It’s a small world.  Always have class and be polite.

31. People don’t want to hear about how drunk you got last weekend.  Again, not very attractive.

32. Compliment your parents.  People generally like family-oriented individuals.

33. Don’t criticize or talk negatively about other people in the room.  This is just shallow and means you need to grow up.

34. Finally, even if the date is going amazingly, don’t do it.  As I said before, you’re not a monkey ;)

Monkies mating


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