So you’ve taken the plunge and put yourself out there into the dating world again.  You’ve got a first date set on the calendar, and now comes the big question:  “What do I wear?”

To that question, let’s add another:  “Where are you going?”  In today’s busy working world, it’s not uncommon to meet a first date for morning coffee or a workday lunch.  While it’s more preferable to aim for evening cocktails or a weekend brunch to allow for a more leisurely and flirty setting, daytime dates are still viable for a dressed up look – you may just need to bring along a change of wardrobe or accessories to go from date to office.

Women should try to dress as feminine as possible on a first date, but remember to tailor that notion to what makes you the most comfortable in your own skin.  Typically, wearing a dress emphasizes femininity as it creates more deliberate movement; but if a dress isn’t your style, a beautifully accessorized top can become just as alluring.

If your office attire is too formal, mix in a wrap dress that can be dressed up or down with heels or flats and thoughtful styling.  A man is never going to think you’re too overdressed as long as you’re situationally appropriate.  Don’t be afraid to wear what you like and what makes you comfortable.  Even if it’s sky-high heels that leave you taller than your date.  Some men love it when women “meet them or beat them” in the height department.

Once you’re comfortable knowing what works for you on a first date, it can be a great time to focus more thoroughly on your wardrobe at large.  If you can so afford, hiring a stylist for a closet raid can be a great way to shake up your styling.  Or give a call to your most fashionable friend who is more than likely dying to help you polish your look.  Creating a dating section in your closet is a great way to pull together successful looks for all of the events in your new life as a dating single!