Often the fun and exciting aspect of dating gets lost within our busy lives.  To turn your dates into the exciting event that they should be, read our tips below!  Try a new activity, be creative, and you’re guaranteed to have an interesting and intriguing date!  The connection you make is up to you, but the pros at Cupid's Cronies have come up with some tips to create an excellent setting for your date!

carousel kiss
carousel kiss

1.  Think outside of the box

-Do something creative!  Throw away the traditional concepts of a date, like dinner and a movie, or grabbing coffee.  An interesting date idea will stand out and make you more memorable!  Your date will be impressed by your creativity and flair.

2.  Be active

-Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy, so why not do an activity that is guaranteed to make you feel happy?  Even if it’s just a walk around a park, physical activity is a great date activity!  Get to know your date by doing something active that you both enjoy.

3.  Try something new

art museum
art museum

-Try something you and your date have never done before!  Brainstorm to find something fun you’ve both been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to.  Even if it’s just attending an event you’ve never gone to, it’ll be easy to bond over sharing a new experience.

4.  Do something you’ve never done on a date

-Do something that you’ve never thought of doing on a date! Creative options are always better than your usual fall back plan.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and forget about all of the awesome things out there to do!  A fun destination is an easy route to a great date!

5.  Don’t ignore the awkward moments -So this might sound a bit absurd, but ignoring awkward moments can make them even more unbearable sometimes.  If there’s an awkward silence, make a joke about it!  If you spill your drink all over yourself laugh it off and move on.  Being able to laugh at yourself is an attractive trait.  It’ll ease the tension and make things more comfortable for both of you!

Now that you’ve got some great hints and suggestions for having an awesome and unique date, go put it to use; your date will thank you!  Comment below with your creative date ideas!  

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