Genetic matchmaking is the process of coupling people based on their instinctual animal attraction as it relates to genetic components such as pheromones or physical features.  The simplicity of reducing love to a genetic level is appealing on the surface.  What could be more reliable than science to determine a successful match?  But we all know that it takes more than a base attraction to create a happy and healthy long-lasting relationship.  The black-and-white nature of genetic matchmaking, while appealing, doesn’t address the subtle shades needed for long-term success. Enduring romantic love is so much more than the matching of genetic codes.  In fact, these base attractions may be more harmful than helpful since what we’ve conditioned ourselves to find attractive on an instinctual level may not be our best match on a practical level.  The environment plays a huge role in shaping who we are and what we need in a mate to balance and complement our own personalities.  Past experiences shape us, and we (try to) learn from our mistakes.  If your instincts scream out for a bad boy but past experience has shown that such a trouble-maker only brings heartbreak, it’s time to rise above those urges and open your mind to what will truly bring you contentment.

Following your instincts in the initial stages of dating is always a smart idea.  But remember to use your head as much as you use your heart.  Because the combination of attraction and practicality will surely bring you the most successful and affectionate relationship to last the ages.

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