Love Miami style is as hot and unpredictable as its fiery residents.  In a nutshell (a cayenne pepper-infused spicy nutshell), the best love advice for you dashing daters of South Florida is to take a mature perspective.  If you’re serious about finding a lasting relationship, you know it’s true -- while the Miami Beach mecca is well known for its glossy exterior, there are quality relationships to cultivate if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort.

Let’s be honest – odds are you’re not going to find love in the clubs.  Infatuation?  Sure.  Lust?  Most likely.  Killer dance moves?  Obviously.  But, most likely, the only lasting relationship you'll find is with the dollar shots.  A working relationship where you find the perfect tolerance.  A valuable lesson in your 20s, we’ll grant you, but not stuff romantic dreams are made of.  And certainly of less importance as time and the search for a loving relationship marches on.

Instead, take what you love about the club scene and move it to a more mature social setting.  Instead of 1 a.m. on Sunday morning under flashing lights and the influence of tequila, try an early Saturday afternoon salsa class in a sunlit dance studio.  You still get to flaunt your moves and get your flirt on, but the odds of finding a quality partner have just increased exponentially.  If you do find a spark with a fellow dance partner, you’re now in the perfect position to carry your chemistry straight from the dance floor and to an instant no-pressure first date.

Afternoon dates are especially low-pressure and therefore have a higher success rate.  You can do something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood window shopping over coffee or something as intimate as a picnic lunch.  But the great thing is – you have the perfect out for evening plans if need be; and you can stay active and alert without the worry of getting too sloppy over drinks or too trapped into an intimate dinner.

Miami singles take note: Your notorious partying reputation precedes you.  Standards of beauty and masculinity are heightened in this seaside sundry of a town.  The result of which leaves beautiful and confident women wary and guarded of players and social climbers.  Likewise, quality bachelors may feel intimidated by the competition of sculpted abs or shy away from women with high emotional walls, perceiving them as seemingly unapproachable.  The key to finding a successful relationship with these particular barriers is threefold:  Be patient and politely persistent.

There are quality men and women searching for monogamous romance – of that we matchmakers can assure you!  It might just take a little extra hard work in the beginning stages to earn and demonstrate your genuine attraction and trustworthy demeanor.  Once these walls of wariness and shyness are broken down, the space for love to flourish is bountiful under that glorious Miami sky.

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