This dating era is definitely the era of technology.  One valuable innovation in this modern age is texting.  It is valuable because you probably take your phone with you everywhere you go, so you can send and receive messages at any time.  Some experts do not recommend that you text someone as a method of asking them out on a date, because it can seem rather impersonal.  Not to mention, your prospective date might misunderstand your message.  However, done the right way, texting can be a valuable tool to determine your crush’s level of interest. The first rule of texting is not to use it to replace face-to-face interaction.  You probably have a lot you want to say to someone you have a crush on, but relying on texting to do this can be interpreted the wrong way.  If you have gone on a first date with someone, it can be good manners to follow up with a simple text that reads, “I had a great time tonight – thanks for spending time with me.”  You will notice that there is no request for a follow-up date at this stage because you simply want to thank your date for his or her time and company.  You should then wait for a reply that is positive and encouraging before sending more texts.

Sending a barrage of texts to someone you have dated only once can be the wrong move.  For one thing, your date might feel pressured to go on additional dates with you.  For another, he or she might be in the middle of important tasks when you send multiple texts.  This gives the impression that you do not respect their boundaries.  Flirting through texts can be a double-edged sword in a way, because it can be interpreted either favorably (when your date likes to flirt too) or badly (if your date is not the type to flirt with first-time dates).  So it makes sense to play it safe and just send one to three texts at the start – more than that may result in mixed signals.

Timing is a crucial element in any potential relationship, and this applies to texting as well.  Having the right sense of timing can help you get the attention and interest of your date.  Try to send your texts at a time when your crush is most likely feeling relaxed and in the mood to reply.  For example, you can send a text in the early morning when he or she may have just woken up and is checking messages.  Or you could send it in the evening sometime after dinner when he or she is unwinding from the day.  Used the right way, texting can help you land that valuable second date so that you can spend more time with your object of your affection.