Some people are a bit shy when it comes to dating, so they may be afraid of asking a stranger to go on a date.  Others have more courage in this area.  When you do opt to ask a stranger out on a date, take note that there are good ways and bad ways of going about this. The first way of asking a stranger out on a date is when you meet them under friendly conditions.  If you have hobbies and interests such as participating in triathlons, shopping at organic food markets, looking for paperback novels at second-hand bookstores or even signing up for seminars at a local college, it is very possible that you will run into a stranger who you think has some attractive qualities.  Because you have met these potential dates at specific gatherings, you can open up conversation by introducing yourself something like this, “Hi, my name is John.  It’s so great to meet another triathlete – how long have you been training?”  This is a good way to learn a bit more about this attractive stranger without necessarily alarming him or her by the prospect of a date.

Another way of asking a stranger out on a date is to ask a common friend to introduce you to each other. For example, if you have a friend with you while you are at the bookstore, he might run into a friend of his who seems attractive to you.  Usually, good manners dictates that your friend introduce you to his friend.  Not only is this a good icebreaker, but it opens the door to a casual conversation with limited expectations.  However, don’t put your friend in the position of setting up the date on your behalf – that would be a bit too forward and weird.  Just take it slow and when there is an opportunity, you can share phone numbers with this new acquaintance.  This should lead naturally to an opportunity to date if both parties are interested.

There is a third possibility to ask an attractive stranger out on a date: at work.  You will probably be in constant contact with many strangers in the average workplace.  One problem with this is that company rules may prohibit employees fraternizing with clients, with supervisors and other superior officials, or even with co-workers.  If your employer doesn’t have this kind of restriction, you are free to take your pick from the many people you might interact with during your regular work hours.  This is a good way (not to mention a safe way) of meeting the right people that could be prospective dates.

The basic issue that comes to the fore when you want to ask a stranger out on a date is trust.  Because you will be interacting with a stranger, it can be tempting to say anything and everything about yourself.  But a date is just a way of exploring the possibility of having a more long-term relationship with a stranger. So play it safe and use the less risky ways to ask a stranger out on a date.