Like it or not, we all make our first impressions visually, so it’s up to us to reflect our best qualities via our physical appearance.  Men are naturally drawn in by polished, good looks.  When searching for a new partner in your life, take into consideration the first impression you’re portraying to the world and try to present an image of a femininity and approachability.  Speaking of demeanor, even the most glam among us might find herself out at sea if she isn’t making an effort to exude a friendly vibe.  It’s best not to risk alienating a potential mate with a cold disposition.  Simple eye contact and welcoming smiles go a long way in letting a man know you’re interested in getting to know him better.  And never be afraid to make the first move.  At worst, you’ll make polite small talk and move on.  Best case scenario, you’ll meet the man of your dreams!

There’s nothing more attractive than a certain joie de vivre that comes with being passionate about life.  Whether it’s your career or hobby, put your joy on display.  When you’re enthusiasm is showing, the happiness radiates from within and your irresistibility factor skyrockets.

Finally, there’s no underestimating the allure of confidence.  Everybody is attracted to a woman who knows what she wants.  It’s relaxing and appealing to be around someone who is secure in herself and can make things happen.  An aura of confidence puts others at ease and promotes trust – a key essential in building a lasting relationship!