Attracting your ideal man seems impossible sometimes, but it’s easy with these five tips!  Putting yourself out there, increasing your approachability, being yourself, and saying yes are simple ways to meet a great guy!  These small steps can make a giant difference, try them and see what what happens! 1.  Get out there

-You can’t meet a man by staying at home!  Go out and do something fun with friends!  You’re more likely to meet your ideal man and guaranteed to have a better time than you would’ve at home on the couch.

how to attract your ideal man
how to attract your ideal man

2.  Be approachable

Stick to one wing woman when you go out.  Being surrounded by a gaggle of women can be scary and intimidating to men.  You’re more likely to be approached when you’re in a small group rather than a large one.

3. Give everyone five minutes

-Don’t be too quick to judge!  Even if someone isn’t a perfect 10 on the attractiveness scale they may have an awesome sense of humor, a wonderful personality, or incredible charm!  If you don’t end up clicking with them maybe they’re with some of their single friends that you can talk to.  Everyone has something interesting to say, give them a chance.


4.  Be yourself

-Work on self love and being yourself.  Men love a woman who is unapologetically herself.  Not only does this step help in your search for your perfect man, it will help you with your daily life as well.  The best piece of advice out there is to love and be yourself, you’re special and have something unique to offer the world.

5.  Just say yes!

-Sometimes you may not feel like accepting a party invite, but saying yes to just a couple of invites each month can do wonders for your social life!  You’ll meet tons of people you may have not otherwise met.  What if your prince charming is at that party you skipped?  Next time, just say yes!

Try these five steps to attract great men wherever you go!  They might seem like common sense, but often we forget to use common sense while in the dating world.  Start small and just try one or two steps and see where it gets you in a month or two!

What are your tips for attracting great guys?  Comment below!

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