In today’s society, it is easy to feel the pressure to be with someone. You can do everything right- go to college, get a good job and have a lot of friends, but that does not stop the “do you have anyone special in your life?” questions from relatives. Attending weddings can be stressful. Seeing your friends find their matches while you are struggling to even find a date for the big day can be hard. Although it may seem like everyone is keeping tabs on just how single you really are, in reality, most people probably do not care what your relationship status is. Here are some tips for dealing with your single status in a positive way, so that you will not even seem bothered by people’s inquiries on your relationship status.

  1. Always look on the bright side. Sure, you may end up bringing your best friend of the opposite gender again to your cousin’s wedding, but you can also do whatever you want with your life. If you are not tied down, you can move to a new city for that dream job opportunity, go out with your friends whenever you want, and try out new hobbies that you may have never had the opportunity to try. There is something to be said about the freedom that being single brings, and it is important to embrace it.
  2. Joke about it. Even if being single bothers you, the next time a relative asks you about your relationship status, make light of it. Just smile and say that you seem to find a few more frogs than princes (or princesses). If you seem comfortable with you being single, then other people will be, too. Bottom line: the less you bring up or dwell on your single status, the less other people will.
  3. Embrace opportunities. The next time your roommate offers to set you up with one of their friends, do not scoff at them or roll your eyes. You do not have to say yes every time, but occasionally give in. Who knows, maybe finally saying yes to the things that you have been turning down will lead you to your dream partner. And if it doesn’t pan out that way, maybe you will at least make a friend out of it.
  4. Radiate positivity. People who are friendly and smile more often are known to be more approachable, so keep that in mind when you are out on the town. It is hard to be positive and smiley all the time, but if you are very friendly towards new people, you will be much more likely to meet someone who could become that special someone.

Some people love to be single; others don’t. Either way, society seems to put a stigma on people who have not found their significant other yet. Being single is not all bad, but using these tips can make it a whole lot easier. And, when you’re really ready to find that special someone, Cupid’s Cronies can help.