In this article, we’ll cover how to get the results you want when meeting women. I hate to say the phrase, how to pick up women, but this will basically allow you to do just that (if that is your goal). I prefer to use this information for meeting and qualifying the kinds of women that I would actually like date and vice versa, but to each his own. It doesn’t matter if you are a bit of the shy type and need to touch up on your skills or if you are already pretty good at the whole dating thing. The advice that I’m about to give you will be extremely helpful, showing you how to meet women and increase your success with the ladies.

  1. Don’t Use Pick-up Lines!

Unless you’re extremely charming and original, you should try to avoid using pick-up lines as ice-breakers. More often than not it just creates more frozen material that you’re going to get trapped behind (her guard goes up).

Instead: Try to initiate natural conversation. Find some common ground that you can comment on or give her a specific, honest compliment.

Creating natural, flowing conversation with a beautiful woman whom you don’t even know can be a bit daunting. So to get over any approach anxiety, practice striking up random conversations with strangers who don’t intimidate you, like women you are not attracted to and other men. This will help you hone your chatty, off-the-cuff conversation skills and build your confidence for real situations!

  1. Get Away From The Bars

Now, don’t freak out. I don’t mean always! We all know that a night club or your local watering hole can be a fun place to hang out and meet people. But let’s face it, “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” is pretty empty. There are plenty of places nearby that are haunted by beautiful women and are much more conducive to conversation.

The Bookstore

Bookstores are great because they allow for easy recon! You are already learning about the woman that you are about to meet by simply observing which sections she is perusing. Plus, the ice-breakers and conversation topics are endless here. Just ask her about the book she has in her hand or offer your opinion if you see she is looking at something you have read, or an author you are familiar with.

Most bookstores have a coffee shop of sorts, so it is the perfect environment for an impromptu date. If the conversation is going well, you can invite her to sit down for a cup of coffee or tea. At this point, you are definitely getting her number!

The Grocery Store

Your local grocery store or market is another great place to meet attractive women. Once again, there are tons of easy, natural ways to start a dialog. You can ask her about an item in her cart or grab her interest by holding up an uncommon piece of produce and ask, “How the heck do you cook this thing?”

The other big plus that the grocery store offers is that she is just going about her daily life, (she isn’t made up and wearing her Saturday night hot-pants) so your interest in her is usually unexpected and more appreciated. Whereas at the bar, she’s already had half a dozen guys hit on her.

Waiting in Lines

Standing next to or near a woman in a slow moving line also offers up great opportunities. I mean, she isn’t going anywhere (unless you really drop the ball). You can strike up a natural conversation as if you are just trying to pass the time and see where it leads.

Some other great places that are perfect for conversation starters are museums and art galleries.

  1. Practice Reading Body Language

You can practice this while you work on those random person conversation skills that we mentioned before. Take mental notes of how they are reacting to your conversational tactics and practice adjusting to these non-verbal signals. These efforts should go double when you are talking to a woman whose number you are trying to get. Log this information in the background and react to it.  Is she smiling, but with her mouth closed and glancing off to the side (probably polite disinterest. Try switching it up)? Is she smiling with her teeth showing (this is a good sign)? Does she clear her throat? Is she fidgety (she’s nervous and uncomfortable –maybe she has a boyfriend)? Does she play with her hair or touch her ears (a great sign that she is interested)?

Learning to quickly read and react to her body language is essential in deciphering how to proceed with the lady you are talking to and when to gracefully bow out.

  1. Find a Great Wingman

This is more for bar type atmospheres and social settings, but you should have a wingman who is of a similar caliber to that of yourself. You don’t want your buddy stepping in and stealing the show every time you initiate conversation with a beautiful girl.

He should be able to help move the conversation along in your favor (not take over) and even throw a couple of well-placed jabs your way. This shows her that you are light on your feet and have enough confidence to not be shaken by bit of lighthearted insult. Above all, he should have enough savvy to know when it’s time to fade away into the background.

  1. Don’t Compliment Her Too Much

This can get a little bit tricky. If you are fawning over her and lavishing her with compliments she might see you as either desperate or a doormat. Opening up with a compliment is great, then lay off for a while and maybe throw in a backhanded compliment (if it feels like you can get away with it). Ex. “A lot of people wouldn’t appreciate that jacket, but I think it looks great on you.” It seems strange when you analyze it, but like this can heighten her interest in you and it shows her that you are definitely no doormat. Remember to read body language first. Execute this poorly and you’ll be seeing her backside as the word ‘JERK’ trails out behind her.

  1. Imagine Your Strengths Through Her Eyes

Physical chemistry is an undeniable factor, but women tend to be a little bit less concerned about physical superficialities in men than we tend to be about them. For instance, maybe you are in the process of meeting a woman who is a few years younger than you and you feel like it might be an issue. Look at your strengths how she might see them. In her eyes, you might be a ‘real man’ (not a boy) who is a bit wiser and more cultured, who can open up a whole new world to her. This kind of thought process will help you to exude confidence which WILL make you more attractive to her.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Rejection

There is really nothing to fear. If you get turned down every once in a while, so what. It is not a big deal at all. You are not going to get along with or like every guy you meet in life. The same holds true for women whom you are trying to meet.

  1. Always Be Closing

It’s not just the greatest scene in Glengarry Glen Ross, but a philosophy that can be helpful for many of life’s circumstances; and this is definitely one of those circumstances. You are angling for her phone number or a verbal lunch date confirmation tomorrow, etc. So, when you see that she isn’t shrugging you off or nervously fidgeting about and you have been talking for more than a few minutes (you see buying signs), CLOSE THE DEAL. Ask her for her phone number or ask her out on a legitimate date. You’ll be surprised to find out how many times you’ll get the answer you’re looking for!

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