Much of society, especially in America, places a lot of emphasis on committed relationships. Maintaining a long term relationship or moving from one to the next is how things are supposed to be. Being single is (in a lot of ways) looked at as just a break; the minimum necessary allotment of time needed for one to mourn or get over a relationship that has ended before moving on to the next.

Time Spent Single Is A Good Thing

Being single for a while by choice is a great thing. In fact, It is healthy and necessary for us to grow as individuals. This growth can in turn, make your future relationship much stronger and a lot easier to maintain. If you are happy with yourself when you are alone, it is easier to be happy while in a committed relationship.

Our time spent single allows for us to have fun and learn about ourselves while getting to be exactly who we are. We get to work on our perceived character flaws through our eyes, not those of another. In other words, we get to work on ourselves on our own terms.

Perhaps the most important things that we learn while taking time to be single, is how to be self-reliant, confident, and how to keep ourselves company (all of which are important to success in future relationships). When you have developed these intrapersonal skills, you not trapped by a relationship, nor are you trapped into being single; it instead, becomes a choice. You’re not dependent on another for your happiness or for solving loneliness. You don’t need them for that … but they brighten your life and you want them in it. This is what makes all the difference.

Single Is Good, But A Relationship Can Be Better!

There are just as many good things about being in a relationship, and I believe that all roads in the single life eventually lead there. When you find someone that you choose to be in a committed relationship with, your life can change in an extremely positive way, especially if you’ve taken some constructive time on your own.

Intimacy, Company, and Quality of Life

When you choose to be in a committed relationship, a whole new world of intimacy opens up. I am not necessarily talking about sex, (though that is a part of it) but a deep connection, with someone who understands certain things about you better than even your best friend is able.

When you’re single, you are for the most part, going it alone. But with that special someone, you have someone to share the good times and the bad times with you. When times are hard, you have someone who has your back and is willing to support you both physically and emotionally. This is invaluable.

A beloved person also makes your home more of a home. You always have a safe place where you can find that supportive person who cares about you. Not to mention that you have someone around to help you out. Men and women have different strengths and weaknesses and tend to have different knowledge bases as well, so there is someone who can give you information or a perspective on a topic that you would not have come to by yourself.

An interesting thing that many people are unaware of is many medical studies have been undergone and show that people in committed relationships and marriages have a better quality of life. Usually gained through lower stress levels, reduced anxiety, better response to depression, more regulated blood pressure, and even heal from injuries slightly quicker.

So … Is There A Relationship In Your Future?

If you have already put in some constructive alone time, either in the recent past or previously in your life, a meaningful relationship could be waiting for you up ahead … and our matchmakers can help you find it!

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