6 Necessary Habits To Date The Women You Desire

With regards to dating and how to meet women, there is a lot of conflicting information available online. In fact, there is quite a bit off poor and misinformation as well. That is why the Matchmakers & Dating Experts at Cupid’s Cronies got together to come up with a few tendencies that we see in almost every successful ladies’ man. These are easy, but often overlooked things that you (the single guy) can incorporate into your daily routine to significantly increase success in your dating life.

Here they are in no particular order of importance:

1. Perseverance

Any ladies’ man who is worth his salt is tenacious. This is one of those things that could take you some work if you are a little shy or have a history of giving up easily. The days of asking one girl out and getting discouraged if she says no and ten being anxious about approaching women for the next month or more are over. You are going to set a target number of women to meet (a good starting number is 25 per week) and you will meet that number. Even if only 1/5th of the women you approach say yes, you still have set yourself up with 5 new women to date. The number will likely be much higher, 1/3 or even ½ isn’t out of the question.

This type of determination is something you will have to constantly remind yourself of by keeping it in the front of your mind at all times, but this is a trait you can turn into habit in a relatively short amount of time. Another benefit of practicing this is it will help you in other areas of life as well, like work.

2. Thick Skin

This is a character trait that you must develop … and it is directly related to Perseverance. It would be pretty darn hard to have that dogged determination about pursuing the women you desire if you let every little rejection undermine your confidence and get under your skin. So don’t let it. This is actually pretty easy—much easier than persistence with meeting women—you just need to treat it as business. Your new side business is to meet & date women until you find the one that you are completely happy with. There are many extenuating circumstances that can cause a business transaction to fail, circumstances that have absolutely nothing to do with the seller. When a woman rejects you, it may have nothing to do with you, but all to do with her and much of the time they won’t give the exact reason. She may already be in a relationship, she may be just getting out of one and is not ready to date, she may have just had something personal happen that put her in a foul mood (anyone approaching at this moment is getting the axe). The point is, more often than not, a rejection has less to do with you and more to do with her and her circumstances. There is no need to get bent out of shape; treat it like business and move on.

3. Don’t Tolerate And Don’t Settle

There are very few people in your life that you should have to tolerate … and the person that you are romantically involved with is without a doubt, not one of these. Never sell yourself short. Many guys find an attractive woman and feel like they need to stay with her because she is beautiful and they won’t catch another who is equally or more beautiful. Or … they settle for a woman who they are not truly attracted to for the same kind insecurities, feeling like there isn’t someone better for them out there. This is total hogwash! There are thousands of women out there that are the ‘complete package’. Women who are beautiful, successful, and a delight to be around. Break the habit of settling for things in life; if you are not happy, go back to #1 (Perseverance) until you find what you are looking for.

4. Learn and Adjust

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results –this is part of our company motto and it holds true here as well. Much of this may be new to you, so you’ll probably make some mistakes and that’s OK. Remember, perseverance and thick skin! Just make sure that as you move on, you take note of your errors and learn from them. Making some initial mistakes is actually a good thing because you’ll learn a lot in short order. Just learn and then adjust and learn some more.

5. Focus On Your Strengths, Know Your Weaknesses

The most charming ladies’ man knows what he is good at and also what he is not so good at. You can expand this into personal and professional skills, but here I am talking about your strong points and weak points when it comes to your ability to interact with women. If you are funny, use that to break the ice or build rapport. Maybe you have no problem introducing yourself and carrying a conversation with a woman, but you have trouble closing the deal and actually asking her out on a date. Figure out your weakness and work on it. You can often use your strength to support and work on your weakness. An entertaining guy with a good sense of humor who has a fair case of approach anxiety can use his joking nature to approach women.

6. Play Up To The Competition

People who are experts or elite in their field did not get there alone, nor did they get there by learning from others who are only average. Great athletes had great coaches, great academics had great professors and so on. So, get in the habit of positioning yourself around people who can help you help yourself. When you are out to meet women, there is nothing better than an awesome wingman.

Very few 'ladies’ men' were born with inherent lady-killing charm, but it is something that anyone can work on, build up and be successful with.

Have any questions or you own experiences to add? Let us know in the comments below!