With the advent of online dating, singles have been introduced to many modern conveniences for finding romance.  But like with all great technological advancements, the lack of personalized human guidance proves a great detriment.  Finding an online match may seem like a great way to weed through the eligible singles in your area, but there are still pitfalls to overcome – most notably the unreliable narrator of your selected date.  Going on a date with someone you’ve met online can sometimes be just as risky as going on a date completely blind.  You don’t know how recent your date’s photos may be or how much they’ve embellished their accomplishments or smoothed over their troubled pasts.  All of a sudden, you’re thrown for a loop and right back at the drawing board, trying to decide how best to find a suitable match. Setups through friends and family offer a slightly better advantage to finding a compatible date.  But with these setups also come unreasonable expectations and clouded judgments.  There’s no level of impartial observer to see past what a loved one may want for you versus what is in your actual best interest.

For these reasons and more, the use of a professional matchmaker in today’s world is more popular than ever.  For upwardly mobile single professionals, it’s common sense to outsource the nitty-gritty logistics of finding an eligible match to a seasoned professional.  A matchmaker has your best interests at heart with the impartial knowledge of what it takes to create an enduring and loving relationship.  Though you may have certain notions about what you’re looking for in a mate, a matchmaker has the wisdom to cut through superficialities in order to get to the heart of what will bring you lasting love.

Dating sites may have multitudes of sophisticated algorithms to mathematically predict your best match, but that’s no replacement for thoughtful human interaction.  Trust your heart to a matchmaker, and let her do Cupid's work.

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