girl_annoyedIn this new age of online dating, we all have a horror story or two. Like a friend of mine who went on a date with a guy she met online, and he spent the entire evening talking about Disney princess – in a serious manner. He couldn’t understand why she wasn’t interested in date number two. I went on a date with a guy once who talked on his cell phone throughout the date, so rude considering we were at the movies. Yet another friend of mine went on a date with a guy who forgot his wallet so he left her at the dinner table and jumped the back fence never to be seen again!

Online dating can be successful for some (many people have found love and even marriage). But the bad stories often out-weigh the good. That’s where a matchmaker steps in. Unlike the online algorithms, a matchmaking service offers a real person to help you find love. With such an important task at hand (a handsome or pretty face to stare at for the rest of your days), shouldn’t you entrust the matchmaking to the professionals?

Matchmakers have spanned many decades and many cultures. In fact, the matchmaker is one of the oldest professions in the book, appearing in many religious and historical texts. Matchmakers were thought to be wise, essential advisors, possessing a deep understanding of the human condition. Today, matchmakers are so much more than they were in the past. Don’t let the Fiddler on the Roof image fool you. The modern matchmaker has a bevy of tools to make you the perfect match.

Not only can a matchmaker bring two people together based on personality, interests, values, and looks, he or she can filter potential matches so you have less horror stories and more romantic adventures. Matchmakers can offer services like a dating coach who, just like a personal trainer, will coach you on how to be your most awesome self and let your greatness shine. They can be your personal wingman, helping you get out there in the world and find the perfect person to spend your life with. Unlike the uncertain world of online dating, matchmakers build your trust and add a human touch, they won’t let you go on that date from hell and in case of Disney Princess talk they’re always a phone call away.