The term “crony” may bring to mind the image of an “old boys club” of politics with secret deals and favors for favors.  But what does it mean for us to be cronies for Cupid and cronies for love?  The term crony really implies a well-established friendship that stands the test of time.  Cronies have long histories with one another – mutually beneficial relationships that endure because of that unique closeness and understanding.  

At Cupid’s Cronies, we bring our sense of closeness with “Cupid” to those ready for (and deserving of) love.  We’re sensitive souls who enjoy helping others – and what better mission than helping singles find that enduring romance to bring a lifetime of happiness?  As cronies for Cupid, we are the architects that build the bridges between the abundance of love and romance in the world to connect two deserving individuals.


As cronies, we use our effective combination of keen intuition and objective problem-solving in order to get to know our clients on a deeply personal level in order to make the best matches possible.  We bring years and years of experience in knowing what it takes to find a loving match that can stand the test of time.


This “insider knowledge” gives us the perspective on what it takes to help clients overcome the obstacles and hurdles that may have sabotaged past relationships.  Because of our crony status with “Cupid,” we’ve got the inside track and favored knowledge on how to best break the barriers for each potential client and point them on the path toward love.


Our crony status in the realm of love also extends to helping our clients gain self-confidence and fulfillment on a personal level.  We’ll take the patient steps with you to gently guide you through the growing pains of learning to accept and love yourself in order to put your best and most deserving personage on Cupid’s market for love.


At Cupid’s Cronies, everyone wins, because our profit is the happiness of our clients.  Our favorable gains from Cupid come to us in the form of lasting love and expanded appreciation of others.  We want to make our crony status work for you and share the wealth of love and romance we know to be waiting for you.


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