In the beautiful city of Minneapolis, there is a huge population of singles just waiting to meet you. They are present in basically everywhere you can think of - for instance, in the local grocery store, the gas station, or the shopping centers - however, there are some key spots where women have a tendency to frequent. Bars are a good option, but try to expand your options. Bars provide the perfect, casual ambience necessary for getting her attention with that carefully rehearsed pick-up line. Nevertheless, you are looking for something long term, and a fling from the local bar is sometimes difficult to turn into a real relationship.

Head to the bookstore. There are a variety of different bookstores in Minneapolis, other than the typical Barnes and Nobles. There is Eat My Words, Open Book, and, if you are a single parent looking for outings with your kids, try Wild Rumpus, which has live animals that you can interact with. You are where you frequent; just by being in a bookstore gives others the impression that you are an intellectual, and reading books as a hobby is quite classy! Besides, it’s

Women in Minneapolis
Women in Minneapolis

Develop a love for the outdoors. Whether it be the nearest park, or going on hikes. Many women are very in tune with nature, and they enjoy being in scenic areas. It generally sets up a quiet, romantic atmosphere that leads to insightful conversations between the two of you. Loring Park and Lake of the Isles are both beautiful places right in Minneapolis to explore and get some fresh air.

Your target locations should be somewhat populated and constantly lively and animated. This is absolutely essential, as it gives you more women to choose from when you are surrounded by many options at the same time. This is possible at fairs and festivals in your area. An example is the Stone Arch Bridge Festival, which is a popular annual event that occurs during the summer. Festivals are always lively, and everyone’s in a good mood, expanding your chance of the women opening up to you. Also, if you go to festivals that are specific to a certain interest, like wine-tasting or concerts, there is already a similarity between you two that you can start a conversation related to. This makes it easier to approach women;  instead of starting at ground zero, with an awkward hello, and figuring out what to talk about, you have something in front of you to build on.

You will undoubtedly find  love in these areas in Minneapolis. When you finally snag a date, make sure to follow the 5 essential first dates tips to ensure that your date will go smoothly and eventually lead to something deeper.