The heat is always on in South Florida, which can make the sway of the palm trees and the sea of bikinis and six-packs even more intoxicating for hot singles looking for a little romance.  The sun, the sand, the music and the clubs provided an enticing backdrop for a social scene that never stops.  All filled with the beautiful people of Miami – what could be a better fit for dating?  

There’s a literal overabundance of beautiful, single specimens ripe for the hookup.  But what of actual dating and relationships in Miami?  Are singles in this breezy party town able to make the shift from superficial club lotharios and vixens to a committed relationship?


A multi-cultural mecca for models and billionaires, Miami is overflowing with gorgeousness -- the fashion industry is booming, only increasing the focus on image-based relationships.  But what Miami has going for it that makes it more conducive to love than some of the larger cities in the U.S. is in its primo demographics: gorgeous scenery, not overly populated or over-crowded and diverse enough to offer a wide variety of fun in the sun.


Unlike New York, Miami singles are not in a literal rush of being crowded and on top of one another like the oppressive beats of Manhattan.  And unlike Los Angeles, Miami has much more to offer than a climb up the Hollywood ladder.  Instead, Miami offers the relaxed, socialized atmosphere of a Rio de Janeiro, where parties, fun, drinks and dance are at the forefront of society.  People work hard and play hard in Miami, but without the neuroses or networking that can stress out the singles of New York and L.A..


And as it turns out, Miami is plenty full of singles ready and looking for committed love.  It just may not be as apparent when searching through the throngs of beach bods and hot bartenders.  The key to finding these quality singles is to use a little common sense and take advantage of the many benefits that come from living in a diverse paradise such as Miami.  When looking for love, don’t bank on anything coming out of those alcohol-fueled nights at the club.  And, in fact, we advise to leave most all day-drinking activities on the back burner.


Instead, hit up the art galleries, the bourgeoning independent cinemas or even the championship sports arenas if that’s your bag.  Follow your instincts about what you love about the city and what is special to you.  Staying true to your interests and quirks allows your best self to shine through, attracting like-minded people and, yes, even singles looking for love and commitment.


As with any potential shot at lasting love, it’s easy to be swayed by the shiny, superficiality of gorgeousness that abounds in South Florida.  Don’t try to force romance out of a sexy club hook-up; take it for what it is and keep it moving.  Be objective about flings and make sure your heart is protected in these environments.  When you’re serious about where you find love, it often reveals itself with ease.


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