Chicago Couple at Summer Dance
Chicago Couple at Summer Dance

The leaves above sway to such a rhythm that it seems the trees have found a beat of their own. The breeze seemingly winds through the throngs of people to ensure everyone is keeping cool. As the instructors up front clap their hands signaling the dance lessons have come to an end, the crowd roars in applause. The lights shine bright from the stage as the street lamps click in illuminating the background. The lessons have been complete and it is time to dance!

If the weekend has just gotten underway and you find yourself walking or driving near Grant Park on a late summer evening, chances are you’ve been immersed into the world of Summer Dance. Every year, the end of June marks the beginning of Summer Dance which takes place in the Spirit of Music Garden. On a 4,900-square-foot, 100 percent recycled floor, hundreds of people from all over the city convene on Michigan Ave, between Harrison St. and Balbo Drive, all in the name of dance. Multi colored flowers wind through the Spirit of Music Garden inviting an array of people, their lawn chairs and blankets to make their selves at home as those who came out to party step, waltz, and swing until their hearts are content.

And you don’t even have to know how to dance to have a great time! Throughout the summer, 44 different live bands will play the Summer Dance stage as an instructor will be on hand dishing out dance lessons for a particular dance style Friday’s and Saturdays from 6-7pm. From 7-9:30, the dance floor opens up giving you a chance to put the newly learned dance moves to work, mingling your way among dancers ready to have a great time. On Sunday dance lessons are from 4-5pm, with music and dancing from 5-7pm. As this is an opportunity free and open to anyone, it’s a great place to bring children, maybe even meeting someone!

Kicking off Summer Dance on Friday, June 26, 2015 will be the Mambo Dance with a Mixed Motion Art of Mambo and Cha-Cha dance forms followed up by DJ Herb Kent and Chicago Steppin’ on Saturday and Steve Anthony Orchestra for Ballroom on Sunday. Until Sunday, September 13, 2015 Grant Park offers those looking to move their heart to the beat a chance to dance under the stars, rain or shine, promising nothing more than a good time.

Whether you just passing through the park or downtown looking for a great time, Chicago Summer Dance offers the chance to mix in and mingle with others seeking the same experience. While the Spirit of Music Garden works to welcome you into the beautiful ambience surrounded by art and beautiful people, joining our free database maybe the way to meet that special someone to accompany you for a night under the stars. Join today to find your perfect match and get ready to mingle to the beat all summer long!

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